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My Brute

My brute is a Flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience and equipment. Can compete in tournaments and join clans.

Click here and Insert a name to create your own Brute. You will be able to fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become... THE BRUTE!
For a first time user, you are allowed 6 fights. For the next time 3 fights per day is allowed. As you compete you gain experience, thus you can have skills and weapons as you level up.

My Brute Weapons:
Short Range Weapons:

In order from left to right:

Short reach with reasonable damage. Good for multiple attacks. Damage range: 9-12

Weak weapon but causes a lot of multiple attack chance for high strength and agility brutes. Damage range: 3-5

Rare weapon. High chance of getting multiple attacks with this one. Damage range: 7-10

Similar to the knife but has a higher chance of being disarmed. Damage range: 9-12

Coffee Cup
Very rare weapon. Very strong for close combat. Best short range weapon. Damage range: 12-17

Rare weapon. Similar to knife. Nothing really special. According to Martinezz, every time a person gets hit, while armed with the racquet, the person will strike back immediately. So it’s like an immediate counter attack. (Thanks for the email) Damage range: 6-10

Medium Range Weapons:

In order from left to right:

A common weapon that will increase your chances of dodging an attack. Damage range: 10-15

A common weapon that is good for multiple attacks. Damage range: 15-20

Rare weapon that deals large damage and high chance of doing multiple attacks. Damage Range: 20-25

Mammoth Leg
Common weapon that is similar to hatchet. Damage range: 12-17

Fairly good weapon that has a high chance of doing multiple blows. Damage range: 12-17

Frying Pan
A rare weapon that gives lots of damage but does not do multiple attacks. Damage range: 18-23

Weak weapon. Made just for fun. Damage range: 6-10

Thrown or Launched Weapon:

In order from left to right:
Surikens / Ninja Stars

A semi-rare weapon that can thrown several times and limitless munitions. Damage range: 6-9

Piou Piouz
A fun weapon based from a character in the game, Piou Piouz. This little bird can do a damage range of 9-10.

Noodle Bowl
A rare weapon similar to Surikens but with higher damage. Damage range: 12-15

My Brute Skills
There are a total of 28 specialties/supers a brute can gain every time they level up:
: Skills that are activated at some point during a fight and have a duration and only activate once during a fight.
: Skills that give a passive effect for the entirety of every fight.

Herculean Strength SPECIALTY: With your strength, you are capable of moving mountains! But that moment has not yet come, you have an enemy to destroy.
This skill appears to raise your brute's Strength attribute by 4-5 points.

Master of Arms: Thanks to your mastery with the knife, you are turning into a really dangerous individual causing serious problems to your enemy.
This skill appears to roughly double your brute's damage when wielding a weapon.

Martial Arts SPECIALTY: Your Chuck Norris course has paid off! Now you can put your feet where you want... and more often than not they'll be on your opponent's ugly...
This skill appears to roughly double your brute's unarmed damage.

Tornado of Blows SPECIALTY: ....and you hit hit hit, that's just your way of showing love! You're a mad torrent of misunderstood love. What madnessssss!
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of landing consecutive hits.

Shield SPECIALTY: An armor. To stop the blows.....sometimes.
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of blocking attacks.

Impact SPECIALTY: Your blows are so devastating that your opponent drops his weapon...Now you can show it off to your friends! What about that? Is it cool or what?
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of forcing the opponent to drop its weapon/shield.

Survival SPECIALTY: Your years of fighting have made you invincible. Mortals blows have gained you one life point instead of knocking you out.
This skill appears to leave your brute at 1 HP the first time it would be knocked out, giving it 1 more chance to win.

Fierce Brute SUPER: Now you really are a true brute. More so than ever. You are more powerful and violent than ever in the fight.
This skill appears to briefly multiply your brute's raw damage output. ie make your brute's next attack a "critical hit."

Net SUPER: A classic net. Not as cool as Spiderman's, but it's good enough for your enemy... Your enemy will be immobilized until you feel like hitting him again.
This skill appears to immobilize any brute or pet caught in it until the caught enemy takes damage. Thus this skill is most effective if used to neutralize a pet, especially a bear.

Hammer SUPER: A catch technique consist of jumping with your enemy, and then falling on top of him.
This skill appears to slam your opponent with a piledriver move for alot of damage.

Hypnosis SUPER: Now, talking about your appeal to pets, absolutely nobody can rival you. They'd follow you to the ends of the earth. and that's a fact.
This skill appears to turn all the enemy brute's pets against them for your brute. The greatest dreaded bear counter and at the moment, possibly the only way to command 2 bears.

Bolt of Lightning SPECIALTY: You hit faster than your shadow and bite faster than your enemy.
This skill appears to raise your brute's Speed attribute by 4-5 points.

Sixth Sense SPECIALTY: Your eagle-eyed vigilance allows you to anticipate your enemy's sneaky tricks. Now you can attack before he knows what hit him!
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of interrupting your opponent's attacks with your own.

Extra-Thick Skin SPECIALTY: All the knocks you've taken have actually helped you develop. Your brute is the proud owner of a thicker and more resistant skin.
This skill appears to reduce the damage your brute takes in combat. Conclusive average damage reduction has yet to be determined.

Tragic Potion SUPER: Haaave a little sip of this. It could make you a bit drunk.. Hic...hic... This peach juice restores some of the energy you lost in the fight.
This skill appears to quickly heal roughly 1/4 of your brute's total hp in a fight.

Bomb SUPER: A bit like a water bomb, but more damaging!
This skill appears to toss a bomb that deals respectable damage to both opposing brutes

My Brute Pets

The weakest of all pets. Takes about 20 damage before it dies, does about 4 damage per attack, attacks 2-3 times.
Stronger than the dog, this pet does about 12 damage per attack, and attacks very frequently. It also dodges incoming attacks.
The best bonus your brute can have! Can deal and endure a LOT of damage!

List of All my brutes: (from lowest to highest level)


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