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Mafia Wars

Is one of my favorite game in facebook. Wherein you are a criminal. You do jobs to earn money and experience. But some jobs requires amount of energy. When you have enough money, you can buy items you need to be stronger. There are weapons, armors and vehicles that you can buy in order to have more offense and defense attack. As you level up you need more mafia who can help you with jobs and fights. You can fight other mafia members, You can win if you have more mafia size, offense and defense. When fighting, you can acquire loot items that can help you become stronger and thus, winning more fights. Each item and loots has corresponding attack and defense points. You should buy weapons, armors and vehicles with the number of your mafia. For example you have 100 mafia, you should have at least 100 weapons, 100 armors and 100 vehicles.

There is also what you call collections and vault. You can acquire these items with jobs you perform, When you completed 7 of the items, you can have special items or additional energy and stamina bonus. You can also earn these items when you fight. You can ask your friends to give you gifts or these loot items to you for free.

During a fight, you should have at least 20 health points and stamina. When you fight, you lose energy and stamina and when you win you earn money and experience. As you level up, you unlock items, jobs and places to go to.

You earn skill points every time you level up. Use skill points to make your character better. There is additional 5 skill points for every level up, 1 skill point when you completed a certain job (you got 100%), and 1 skill point when you complete a job tier. These are the skill points:
Attack - To do more damage and win more fights.
Defense - To repel more attacks.
Health - To survive intense fights.
Energy - To do more jobs.
Stamina - To fight more often.

Some of the items and loots have upkeeps. Therefore, you need properties in order to maintain your money, Some properties require different kind of lots. You need to buy the required  lot first before buying the place. The more expensive it is, the more money you can earn.

My mafia wars badge. :) I haven't got much mafia members. Only 501 mafia members are used for a fight.  However, you can have more than that. If you are also playing this add me to your mafia: my mafia wars link

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