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Pet Society

One of my favorite game here in facebook. Wherein you have a pet and you take care of it. You feed it, brush or caress it, and give him/her a bath. There are items for each of the aspects you should maintain. You are given a soap, brush, ball, jumping rope, frisbee and also fishing rod for fishing in the pond. For the health, you can either buy foods in the food shop or plant a tree in your garden and get the bear fruits. You can also buy items for your house, there are furnitures, luxury items, gadgets, garden and mystery items and a lot more to explore. For the pond you can go fishing and select a bait (any food you bought from the food shop) you can have fishes, stones, seaweeds or even rotten / disgusting things :)). In the stadium, you can race with your friends or bet who will win the race, you can earn money and paw points. Other things you can do to earn coins and paw points: visit your friends once a day. When you visit them, you can have options on what activities you can do with you friend's pet, either, dance, tell a joke, kiss, hug, watch TV or fight. When you see that your friend's pet has low stats, you can feed it, brush, or soap them, it can give additional money and paw points. You can also plant seeds, flowers and trees and when it is fully grown, you can sell it for extra money. For every level up, you can gain coins and upgrade for your items (soap, brush, jumping rope, ball and frisbee)

This is the screenshot of my pet:

This is my bLuEe. I name her sheeepo the last time, but changed it to bluee now, because of its color and my love for color blue :)) Still thinking of adding things to her and earning money for her house. :)

I'll share the screenshots of the parts of bluee's house. I've decided to divide the rooms into different parts of house. Here it is.

Living Room





Entertainment / Stuff Room

That's it. Although I haven't played in quite a while, I'll be fixing and adding more items for the house. :)

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