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My Comeback

I haven't post anything lately, because of many activities that happened. 

I happened to be one of the candidates for Mr. and Ms. Holy Family in our Parish. We had our practices for the  ramp and dance in the Coronation night for a couple of days. The coronation night happened last Friday December 26, 2009. It went pretty well, but there are a few mistakes that happened because of nervousness but all in all it was fun and great. We received our sashes and plaque of appreciation. We are 15 candidates, I was Ms. Justice, in 6th place :). I was the oldest one among them LOL. They were very friendly and had good times with them. 

Then the day after that, we had procession. At first we were only few who were there. The other candidates who were late just followed us during the event. It lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. Then had a Eucharistic Mass which in the end, we offered flowers to the Holy Family statue.

Then last Sunday, we went to pasig to visit my Lolo, who will be celebrating his 81st birthday yesterday Dec. 28. He is not looking very well because of his illness (still unknown condition) but will have some tests by next week. He is unable to walk and feels numbness on both his legs. My Uncle and Tita prepared lots of food for the visitors, most of our relatives came, although I can't remember all of them because our last family reunion (in my father's side) were way back 90's.

Then yesterday we went to the airport to accompany my sister, brother-in-law and niece because they will go to Bacolod for 12 days. After that, my cousin and I went to St. Francis Square and had shopping. I bought 2 blouses, a dress, a wallet, shoes and a watch.

That's it for now... I'll be active again in the blog world. Till my next blog :D


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