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Plurk vs. Twitter

These are 2 of the most loved sites nowadays, aside from facebook and friendster. Wherein you can share what you feel, what you do, or even share images and videos that you like. 

I've been using Plurk for more than a year now and I've met so many people and even created new friends by using it. At first I was a bit lost and don't know what to do with it. Because of the many responses I have in my timeline. But then I get the hang of it and replied to a couple of them and eventually had friends.  In plurk there is what you call karma points, wherein you can achieve points and have exclusive smileys for higher karma points. You can get karma points by being active, by constantly updating your profile, posting or sharing quality plurk and getting responses from other plurkers. Your karma may decrease because of spamming and inactivity for a long period of time. So keeping it updated is the key. :) You can add friends or just follow someone wherein you will be his/her fan. You can see the plurks made by your friends and those who you chose to follow their plurks. You can connect  you plurk status through different social networking sites like facebook, friendster, twitter, ym and the like. Just like I do, I connected it with my twitter.

I've joined twitter for just a couple of months now but I'm not active with it. It is much like plurk, You can see the tweets made by people whom you follow however, with twitter you'll just share what you want to say and don't get any responses for that particular post. I mean they can respond but with a different line or message. Unlike with plurk wherein you can reply with  your particular plurk and be joined by other plurkers and your fans as well. With twitter, it is just like sharing a short time message (pls. correct me if I'm wrong). But then I use twitter with the earn money tool I got  from a fellow blogger which is revtwt where i can earn from retweeting :D

All of this are just my opinion, people have their likes about something. The important thing is we have this sites for social networking  to enjoy :D

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