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Hotel City

Recently, I have discovered another game on Facebook. It was suggested by my niece who started playing it for a few days now. It is called Hotel City, from Playfish. It is like Restaurant City but here you manage a Hotel! It is a very addicting game because you will have to decorate and add rooms to your hotel. You can add commercial rooms like gym, restaurant, bar, cinema, swimming pool, arcade and outdoor disco.

The main objective of the game is to make your hotel a 5 star rating. Now to do this, you have to add decors and better furniture to your room. The dirty rooms are most likely give lower star rating, so you have to add cleaning closets or clean it up for yourself.

Now for the employees, at first you have a temporary staff but hiring a temporary staff is expensive. So you will hire staff from your friends. Once they clicked on your post for hiring they will be your employee. You would have to pay them for a shift. The longest shift is 48 hours, once the shift is finished it will close down and you would have to pay again for their shift. You can also be an employee for other friends. Once you got the position, you will get a sign-on bonus.

Now for the earnings, aside from the rate of different rooms and the commercial rooms, you can earn by visiting your friend's hotel for the first time and also clicking people who are renting the room. Sometimes they give tips and you can find coins in their lobby area.

I started playing it just yesterday and I am currently on level 9. Other rooms are not yet unlocked because the other rooms need certain level to be unlocked. However, I'm still enjoying it because I get to decorate it myself. There are lots of wallpapers, furniture and decors that you can buy and match with your dream room. :)) but before I forget, I would like to share my own hotel for now. Here is the screen shot:
Updated (4-22-10)
I recently bought the posh restaurant. So I barely got money LOL. My decors are not yet that good because of the expensive things I bought on other rooms. :))

Try this game for yourself. :D Till my next post. See yah!


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