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How to increase your site traffic

If you've just started a blog or a site and want to increase your traffic, there are many ways on how to get it. This are few of the tips I'd like to share with you:

1. Promote it to your friends
Tell all your friends that you have a blog. Plurk it, Twitter it, make it as your status for your Facebook or IM's like YM, MSN and the like. Make it as your signature to forums or into your profile information so others will see it.

2. Join Traffic Sites
Traffic sites have tons of members and they increase traffic especially if you are adding friends to your community into their website. I happened to joined some of the traffic sites on the web here are some of my list:

This site contains all about everything that I wish to share and discuss. whether it is about music, drawings, earning money online, games, tutorials, recommended sites, etc.

Social Networking Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory



Other traffic builder sites are located on the right side of my sidebar :)

3. Maintain your blog
It is very important that you update your blog from time to time. Create posts that would benefit your readers and make them have interest to your blog. Have beautiful pictures about what you are blogging or embed a video. Seeing something aside from texts makes you want to read the article. Create a beautiful header and background that would enhance its look. Seeing the page as a whole makes people go back for more.

4. Exchanging Links
It is much like traffic building sites but this time it is from individual blogs. Bloggers today benefit from one another. If your link is in another blogger and then you link it back, chances are both of you are already advertised with one another. The more links you are in, the more popular your page will be.

5. Leaving Comments
Leaving good comments is another way to earn traffic. It is also a way of having an interest of what the blogger posted and that you've read it. However, leaving only spam message / comment is not a good way. If you don't understand or don't like the article better not comment because if your only purpose is just to leave your link, it will clearly show up that it is only a spam. You can leave your link on a chatbox if they have but one message at a time. Spamming a chatbox will let the owner get angry because they can't see other messages from other people as well. It is good that you read a little about the blogger (Maybe the nationality) So you would know what language you would speak. If it doesn't have info then speak in ENGLISH so you would be understood by all.

Lastly, you have to ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
Hope you learned something from what I have shared. Well that's pretty much I have to say. If you want to add some of your traffic tips, feel free to say and share it here. Thanks and Happy Blogging!


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