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Sorry if I wasn't able to update this site or haven't blog hopped thoroughly this past few days. I am busy again with building another website. I am making a personal site using ucoz which is free also and can add blog, forum and articles. I have 2 accounts from them before but I just used it to store and upload my files. Now I'll be creating one again and hopefully make it in a few days or so. My new site will be entitled "RiA's Place". It would be for my personal experiences and be focusing more on my life. I would continue this blog but this would be for tips, recommended sites, news and topics that are popular. I'll be posting the link of my new site as soon as I finish editing it. Till my next post. See yah! :)


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I'm A FILIPINA I Love: Color BLUE! (isn't that obvious? hahaha) I Hate: Liars, Pretenders, Judgmental, Plastic People User-Friendly Persons I'm A Sensitive Person Sweet, Loyal and True Friend
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