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Baking Life

This past few weeks, I have been addicted to another game on facebook which is called "Baking Life". It was suggested by my niece, who was playing it for quite sometime now. She is not into games on facebook, she is only playing hotel city but when she saw this game, she got so addicted to it and so am I! LOL!

This game is similar to other games on facebook like restaurant city, hotel city and cafe world. Here, you will manage a bakery and earn money through it. At first, you will be given proper instructions on how the game works. It would teach you how to bake and sell your products. As you level up, you will gain more recipes and equipments for your bakery (gas line for another oven, outlet for another display case, phone jack for another cash register) you can also add more decors and expand your bakery (either money or asking your friends for help). The goal of this game: earn money and maintain a high hype (what they call rating) The more hype you have, the many customers you will get. You can earn money from the sale you get on your bakery, from the neighbors and from the tips when you apply in their bakery.

Why I love this game: The graphics are cuter :) The avatars are larger the bakery is also cool. Easy to edit your place you also have an option to make it to full screen. You don't have to add neighbors (if they are playing the game, they would be automatically added to your neighbors) One thing I really like about it also: It loads fast! haha! It is on beta version as of now, so I expect more from them in the coming days or weeks. They just added more decors and appliances that you can choose from.

I am currently in level 23 (I surpassed the level of my niece who led me into this game LOL) This is the look of my bakery now:
If you haven't played it yet, try this game. But this game is for people who is really an internet geek like me LOL. Because you would check your food from time to time (or else, it would spoil). If you happen to check your internet for a few hours in a day, you should cook something a bit longer (1 - 2 days). This game can teach you how to manage your time efficiently and to budget your income.

Let me know how you think of this. That's all I have to share for now. Till my next post! See yah! :)


nadine said...

the facebook games = addicting. i envy you get time to play :3 After RestauCity and Farmville I swore never to play a facebook game again! I get so addicted!

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hahaha. Yeah! Sometimes I can't finish what I will be doing because of these games. LOL

Anonymous said...

The game is addicting but the xp and leveling is really slow

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