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Fashion World

I'm back! After many days of silence I'm here again to share a new and exciting game on Facebook! I have been addicted to this game a few weeks now. This game is called "Fashion World" as the title says, it is all about fashion business. In this game, you are making clothes (tops and bottoms), shoes, accessories and special items (like costumes, suits and special t-shirts). During your first few levels, you have unlimited access to those you will be sewing but as you level up, you will be able to have more clothes and accessories to make and also the decorations of your store as you will be the one to decorate your fashion store. You can also add more sewing machines, clothing displays and dressing rooms. The goal of the game is to earn coins and maintain your popularity. In order to do this, you should make and sell clothing and decorate your store wisely.

Tips on how to increase your popularity:
  • Make different kinds of clothing
If you are making enough money, add more sewing machines. Make different clothes and accessories so there are lots of choices for you customers. Add shoes, bags, caps, ties, tops and bottoms. Do not sew 1 item at a time. Sewing different items is a good thing because your clothing displays won't be empty and it will help you increase your popularity.
  • Add neighbors
This game requires you to add manually neighbors. It is not like other games that it will be automatically added to you. Click on the button above next to invite friends the "my neighbors" and add those who are already playing the game. What is the benefit of neighbors in this game? When you visit the shop of your neighbor, you are eligible to help them clean their store, it will give you coins and experience points (the higher the level the more points you will get). Another good thing about it, you are entitled to take 2 items of what they are sewing. All you have to do is look for their sewing machine and if they are sewing items on it, you can get 2 of their items. You can do it once or twice a day. So imagine, if you have many neighbors, you will get many items from them. The items you will get will go to your gift box. You can also send and receive gifts from your neighbors. As of now, the gift items are toys.
  • Add more sewing machines, clothing displays and dressing rooms
As you level up, you will gain more sewing machines and clothing displays. Adding more of these items will really help you increase your sales because you can make more clothing. However, when adding clothing display, you should remember to choose the one you will make use of it. There are clothing displays that only handle 1 item, others can carry 4. If you want to maximize your space, choose the one that you will be able to sell more stuff than just 1. Experiment on what it looks like on your store but don't overcrowd it with the same clothing displays. Adding dressing rooms will greatly help you increase your popularity. Because almost all the customers want to try the clothing on. So if there is a few dressing room, they will go out of your store and not buy clothes.
  • Do not overcrowd your store
One of the very important thing to remember is not to overcrowd your store with clothing displays and decors. Try to maximize your space. Giving lots of space for the customers is very important. If it is too crowded, chances are your customers will not buy something and will go out of your store so your popularity will not increase. Try to locate your big display cases on walls, the smaller ones on the middle but give spaces.
  • Expand your store
If you already earned money, you should consider expanding your store. It will give you more space to add your display cases, dressing rooms, decors and eliminate the crowding of people on your store. The more spacious your store is, the more customers will get in.

I am currently on level 17 (going 18). I will show you what my store looks like. :D
As you can see it has a maximum popularity of 99 :D I already expanded it to 13x15 (which cost me 400,000 coins whew) My next upgrade would be the 800,000. Wish me goodluck! haha! My sewing machines are not the good ones but I am planning on making it all white. I have 33 neighbors as of now and most of them are really into this game. I'm planning on adding more ;)

If you like what you see, try this game. Pros and cons: It is slow to load, but once you open it, the game is fast. There are a few bugs, like the number of items you get in the neighbor. Sometimes, the popularity decreases, you need to refresh the game. You can play it in fullscreen mode, found on the right side (orange button below the music icon).

This is the link of the Fashion World if you haven't tried it. Hope you learn something from this post. If you want to add more tips and share your game experiences, please share here. That's all I have to share for now! Till my next post! See yah! :D

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