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I'm here for a quick blog post. Been very busy with a lot of things right now especially with my Make Money Online SitePeopleString Account and My Online Shops. But as promised, I will be making blog posts every now and then or probably per week depending on my mood. 

I haven't really pointed out my reaction on  the hostage that happened last week here in the Philippines. I am very sad about what happened and I just really wish that the two countries involved will be in great terms. I hope that they will not harm and hate all Filipinos but instead stay together as one to help solve the case and pray for the people who were harmed.

I am also working on another website for my niece. She is 2 and a half years old and a very bright child. I already created a blog for her before but did not have time to continue it. I will continue what I have started before and share her pictures, videos and info about her.

I am however, up for those who want to have their website designed. If you are interested, feel free to comment here or on my chatbox and I will respond to you. Just don't forget to leave your email or url. Thanks and come back soon. Till my next post! See yah!


ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

whoa! can't wait to see your niece's picture and videos ^_^

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