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Fashion World just got even better

I'm still playing fashion world game in Facebook until now. I have quit on all other games except for fashion world and mafia wars because I have been addicted to them and they are both getting better. If you have read my previous post about fashion world, I have described the game and I gave tips on how to increase the popularity.

Now, I'm going to discuss new things about it. Aside from the different decors and themes they are having for almost every week, they have new surprises for the gamers.

Your fashion store can be bigger than before. You can add up to 5 floors, as you add another floor, you may be able to expand it again just like the 1st floor and so on. If you add a floor, you can have a choice whether you want the stairs or the lifts (elevator). I happen to buy 3 lifts from its first release and I bought them using coins. But now you can buy it using facebook credits. With this new feature, you can have bigger and better space for your clothing. I currently have 3 floors but haven't figure out a great design. I will share you what my store looks like: from 1st to 3rd floor
My First Floor
 this is the biggest expansion I had so I put in all sorts of clothing and shoes

My Second Floor
A bit smaller than the first. This is where I put all my sewing machines.
I already have a few racks for some clothes and shoes

My Third Floor
I recently added this for my accessories. I put in my accessories machine so I don't have to bother clicking on other floors when it is finished.

Clothing displays are now called Racks which you can put and display all your clothing and accessories. You can also decorate it with plants and objects. Previously, it has a limit like the sewing machine. But now, you can have and buy unlimited racks depending on you. You won't have to worry about all your sewn clothes because you have unlimited clothing displays.

They also have the storage, which you can see what you have bought before and you can use it, sell it or just leave it there. The clothing and accessories can be moved wherever you like. Unlike before that they are stuck in the first place you have store it. You can also put it on sale if you have nowhere else to display the clothes.

They also have a catwalk challenge. Where you click on one of the customers with a question mark on his/her head. Then they have a theme for the runway. You have to choose the appropriate top, bottom and shoes for it for a limited time. It will be scored by 3 judges according to the theme and the color patterns. The lowest is 1 and the highest is 10.

They have the new accessories machine. Instead of the regular sewing machine, it is separate from clothing. It has all the accessories like bags, hats, jewelery, watched and glasses. But before you can build it, you have to ask the parts from your friends. It also has a limit. It will be unlocked once you reach a certain level.

The newest they have is the celebrity. Where you have to ask your friends to help invite the chosen celebrity from the celebrity catalog. If they visit 5 times they will be a regular customer.

I love this game because as it gets older, it gets better. What I don't like about it now is the experience points. It went down so it is harder to level up. But nonetheless, I still enjoy playing it. Hope you enjoyed what I have shared. Till my next post! See yah!


Lyla said...

i prefer pet society to fashion world or mafia war, but i seldom play pet society nowadays

Dikshita Madisetty said...

I also love fashion world but I am not getting to put the stairs tats because I dont have and cant buy facebook credits so I have no choise I feel like I want to ceat because now on there are fashion world money cheats,facebook credits cheats and bring thing to the store full free so please who ever wrote fashion world just got even better can u give my your email ID of facebook and can u help in my store please!!!!!!!!!! and my name on facebook is Dikshita Madisetty

RiA GeSiLvA said...

I don't play pet society anymore but I'll try it again one of these days :D

You can buy stairs because most of them cost coins and just few are in facebook credits. The lifts are using FB credits now but I am just lucky that I bought using coins during the first time it was released.

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