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My Yahoo Mail is sending spam

I have registered a free email with yahoo since 2003 and it is my main account. Although I have all other email accounts with different email providers, it happened to be my priority email so it is so important for me. A few days ago as I am regularly checking my main email I found a message on my spam about a failure notice. I was shocked to see that because I did not recently sent a message to any of my contacts. I've read that spam of failure notice and it says that it did not arrived to a particular email address on a few of my contacts. Since my email is old, I have many old email contacts there and I believe that many of them are already deleted or inactive accounts. But still I have new and online contacts who know me personally through the years and has the contact details that are active.

So when I researched about this on google, I was not the only one who experienced it. Many now have experienced sending out spam without them knowing and the bad thing is, there is no step by step solution about it. It is very hard on our part to change an email address that you have used many years. I now tried to change my password but I'm not really sure if that will work. I also do a full scan of my antivirus and antispyware so as to protect my pc from any harm but it doesn't shown any virus at all. Plus I have recently formatted my PC because of the slowness it had recently. That is really odd. Is there a problem with the email providers now?

If you have experienced this, don't hesitate to comment here. If you happen to know how this will stop please give some advice.

To those who are in my contact list, I'm very sorry to really have bothered you with those spam message. Please just ignore and don't click that url. I have no idea where it came from and it is not in my knowledge of sending such useless information.

I wish that this spam would stop and prevent those who have nothing else to do but to spread those viruses. This is not funny and very alarming. Email now is a means of personal thing and a way of communicating to other people.

Sorry if I'm being emotional right now, I am so angry about these things. Hope this will end soon. Till my next post! See yah!


Yette Cruz said...

You're not the only one. I happen to experience this in my prior yahoo mail as well, but mine was just like three years old or so. Nevertheless, my mail was sending spam messages to my friends and also sending phishing ims t my im friends, so I decided to get rid of it and I switched to gmail instead. At least I can open it in outlook, mail or even in the default mail program of my CP :)

ToTo Antonio said...

Hi Ria,

I've added your blogsite to MiNDFRAME's EC Dropper. You're in Button # 1. I've added this awhile back.

Its a button with pre-listings of sites to drop EC. However, some EC droppers can't find your entrecard widget. Please check the buttons here.

This is an automated visit to your site by members. Im working on to have 120 members for now. Thanks.

Risma Hutabarat said...

I have the same problem too here :(
I recently change my password and always sign out right after finish doing anything with my email. I usually use the keep sign in option since I use my own laptop. But I don't think that will be a wise idea for now. Hope it will work. I can't lose this email. I need it and it's an old one. I made it in 1999 :(
Thanks for sharing

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