March 5, 2021

My Favorite Workout Channels on YouTube

Even before the pandemic I always workout at home. I'm more comfortable doing exercises at home and as you know my job requires me to sit down for long hours. I manage my job and workout time for the whole week. I exercise 4 or 5 times a week in between my job. I found many workout videos on YouTube that I am gonna share to you. Here they are!


She is the first one on my list because I love her workouts! She has many kinds of exercises but I am fond of her Dance Workout Videos! I used to do a lot of HIIT workouts but they are so hard and sometimes I don't have much time to do them. Almost everyday I dedicate 15 to 20 minutes of exercise. Her dance workouts are all in one! They are full body workouts already and she has different kinds of music to choose from. My favorites are: 

10-minute Love Dance Workout. 

It will start slow but eventually move up the rhythm. She loves squat holds are has a lot of steps so I'm loving it! Also this is just for 10 minutes so sometimes I can do another quick workout after.

10-minute RnB Dance Workout.

I also love this. I like RnB music and she picked really great songs on this. They are fun to do and you can sweat a lot!


Next on my list is Blogilates. She is actually one of my very first workout video channel that I subscribed to. She has a lot of workout videos. She has a lot of workout for different parts of your body from abs, legs, butts and of course arms. My most favorites are her arms and squats workout:

Sexy Toned Arms Workout

My favorite arm workout! I've done this maybe a thousand times. I even did this every night and everyday before. When I want a quick arm workout I do this. It burns a lot I tell you.

Plie Squat Challenge

This is the most challenging squat workouts I have done. But hey I love it! At first I couldn't do the entire workout without losing my balance but in the next few tries I was able to do it without falling. But of course my legs were trembling almost throughout this workout. Try this!

I have tried her other workouts too. She loves to do challenges. Now I am trying her 1000 ab challenge

Her next workouts are in her app. So I also downloaded them here.


Next one is Body Project. I did this before but most of their workouts requires 30 minutes or so. But I love the energy and motivation that Daniel and Alex are doing. They are doing mostly low impact HIIT workouts. These are my favorite vids of them: 

Low impact 20 minute HIIT workout 

This workout is pretty good and a bit challenging. I loved doing this and if your trainers are like them so will surely press the button every time!

H20 plan workout 2

Another difficult workout but it is a great full body exercise. After doing this you will feel tired but relieved at the same time.

They have so many kinds of workout plans on their site and they are good motivators. In fact I joined their group on Facebook.


Next is Holly Dolke. She has so many kinds of exercise programs. Most of them are short but burning. She recently had a baby but wow she is pretty strong and got back to shape so quickly! These are few of  my favorites:

Indoor Walking Workout (15 minutes) / Indoor Walking Workout (20 Minutes)

These 2 workouts are not just walking but they include different types of workout. From planking, cycling to lunges. They are just for 15 minutes and the other is 20 minutes but you can feel the burn after.

Tone Your Arms Workout - No Equipment 

Another arm workout. This is intense but I tried it a couple of times. Arms feel sore after but it feels really good. She also has good aura and she motivates me a lot!


Next on my list is my sister's favorite. She suggested me this and I've tried some of her workouts. She is full of energy and super strong. I love her HIIT workouts. They are not simple to do but they are short so it is a big yes for me. My favorites are these:

15 Mins Full Body FAT BURN Workout | No Jumping | Beginner Friendly

I did this a lot before. It was intense but it targets the whole body. So I really liked it. I don't do this now but I will try it again in the next few days.

15 min Intense HIIT for Fat Burn | Standing & No Equipment

I'm loving this HIIT workout because she has a beginner friendly version. I did all the easy ones at first but tried the harder workouts after a few days. It's really good.

I also tried her other workouts so try them too!


Emi Wong is also my favorite. She is super strong also and I am loving her workouts. I don't do them a lot now but sometimes I would, if I see her new workouts. A lot of her workouts are difficult for me to do especially the full body workouts but she has lots of them so feel free to try what's best for you. These are my favorites:

BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HIIT!!!)

This is one of the first HIIT workouts that I have tried. Maybe I did this for a month or so everyday. It is easy but can burn a lot. If you are starting HIIT, this is a must.


The problem with me is my tummy. I sometimes do abs workouts but most of them require to have a mat. So I really love the standing abs workout. This is quite easy but it is effective. I can feel the burn. It also has a lot of stretch so it is very nice!


Madfit is next. She has abs to die for and her workouts are killers. She has lots of different workouts. She is doing a lot of Dance Workouts like Pamela Reif. I love dance workouts because there is no talking just dancing. I like her 15 minutes set of Dance Workouts:


I'm a 90's kid so I love the songs here. She is doing a lot of different exercises like lunges or squats and of course arms.


The set of songs here are great so you will workout with full of energy. So I also recommend this.

I have a lot more workout channels but I don't visit others anymore. But next time I will do a part 2! I hope you can do these workouts like I do. Exercising is important especially if we are always stuck at home. I feel really good after a great workout. I hope this helps! Till my next post! See yah!

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