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Enjoy more than 60 exclusive games all developed by Motion-Twin. Play and obtain Kado points to win Amazon Gift Cards!

On Kadokado, winning gifts is easy: play a game, accumulate Kado points and then go to the Gift section to order your Gift Card.

Each day you have 4 free Green Gems . Green Gems cannot be accumulated.

The rule is simple: One Gem = One game token.

If you'd like to play more than 4 times per day, you can obtain Orange Gems in the Play More section. Orange Gems can be accumulated.

Kado points

When you play a game, there is a score we challenge you to beat (a contract). If you accomplish this contract, you win Kado points , which can be exchanged for real gifts in the Gift cards section and for new games available in the Kado-gifts section.

Kado points are for:
Join a clan
Create a clan
Unblock new games in the Kado-Gift shop section
Get Forum Pass in the Kado-Gift shop section
Get Gift cards in the Kado-Gift shop section. Thanks to the Gift Cards, you can get real discounts in online shops (like, for example)

Contracts are useful for obtaining Kado points but there are other ways to get them too.

A Kadokado period lasts 14 days. The Kalendar at the top right of the web shows you the current period and day.

At the end of this period (Monday morning GMT+1) all scores are reset and players get the Kado points they obtained during the period. You can get Kado points in different ways:
by winning stars playing each game.
by acomplishing contracts on each game

We are now going to explain these two points:


If you get a good score during a game, you obtain a Star. 
 the Green Star, for good players.
 the Orange Star, for great players.
 the Red Star, for elite players.

The Star you currently have in a game is indicated in the box of each game. The number of Stars you have in the current period is indicated in the "My stars" box on the right.
At the end of the period, your Stars are brought back to 0 and you get extra Kado points according to the Stars you have obtained during the period:
One Green Star = 10 
One Orange Star = 50 
One Red Star = 100 

Try to collect as many stars as you can during each period to maximize your benefits.

The score you need to reach in order to get a Star is calculated depending on the results of players in the previous period.

( Check the score you need to reach in each game in order to win a Star, click here)

It is important to know that a general ranking doesn’t exist.

There are 8 levels (more information on the next section) for each game. For each game and level there is a ranking.

The rankings where you are playing and your current positions are in the section : "Site" > Tab "Me" (shortcut button at the top right). Thanks to this system, you always play against players of your own level at each game.

At the end of each period, the best players at each level go up to the next level, receive a Cup and Kado points . If you see this icon beside a game, it means that you will go up a level in the next period.
Take a look at this information regularly. If other players overtake your position, you may miss the chance of going up a level.

The bar , located under the "My current ranking" box, represents the value of all the stars you have got on a scale of 1 to 100. Get red Stars to reach the maximum level on the bar.
If new games are added, new stars will also be also added so therefore your bar will descend.


Each time you go up a level, you get Kado points . The extra kado points you receive increase depending on the level you go up:Level Number of classified players Kado points
 Newbie               3000      100
 Confirmed           2000      200
 Green                 1000      300
 Orange                 500      500
 Red                      100    1000
 Bronze                    20    2000
 Silver                       5     5000
 Gold                         1   10000

Try to improve your rankings. The higher you go up, the more Kado poins you will get. Don't forget to check your rankings often and be sure that nobody overtakes you or you will lose your position.

Feather-weight ranking

The Paradise Ranking contains players who have passed the Gold level. They are the best players of each game.

At each period, a Piouz feather is distributed to the best player of each game. There is only one feather per game.

At the end of the period, the ranking is closed and the player who has the greatest number of feathers gets 100.000 !

If there is a draw, this amount is shared among the winners.

All players who got at least 2 feathers (and who are not in the winners list) share 100.000 .

A Clan is a group of 1 to 50 players who fight together against other clans.

You can either join a clan or create a new one.

Each Clan has a score and a position in the Global Clan Ranking

Attacks and defenses are just like a contract in a normal game. You'll keep playing your games normally, but in a special game mode.

To increase its score a clan must attack other clans.

To attack another clan, go to its Home Page, click on the "Attack this clan" button and choose a Game to attack with.

Try to play your game the best you can!

Your score will become "the attack". Your enemy will be obliged to get a better score than yours in order to defend itself sucessfully from your attack. This would mean that your attack will be aborted.

If after 12 hours your score has not been beaten, then your clan wins up to 10 points! At the same time your opponent will lose the same amount of points.

Always attack clans which have a score similar to yours in order to get the maximum number of points as possible each time you are successful.

It is important to know that your clan cannot attack and defend at the same time. You will have to make a choice!

In order to progress in the ranking of the clans, you must succeed in winning attacks and defenses .

Your current attacks are indicated in the Status tab of your clan.The defenses and attacks you must beat are also indicated in this tab.

Remember that if there is an attack in progress, you can't defend . You must organize the members of your clan for the management of all the attacks and defenses.
The 3 periods

The Championship of the Clans lasts continuously and it is divided into 3 periods:
Transfer Period: players can leave a clan and join another one. Clan masters can also expell members during this period.
Ofensive Period: 2 attacks can be launched simultaneously instead of one.
Strategic Period: Clans can declare a war against up to 3 clans. All points won against these clans are worth DOUBLE!.

An indicator T (transfer) /O (offensive) / S (strategic) is located permanently in the Top best 3 clans box at the right side of the site. They indicate the current period.

The Championship of the Clans is divided in 3 periods. At the end of this time, all the ranking points are reset and the best clans receive awards. Awards are distributed according to the following table:Ranking Kado points
1st                      600.000
2nd                      400.000
3rd to 5th             300.000
6th to 10th           100.000
11th to 25th           50.000
26th to 50th           30.000
51th to 100th          20.000
101th to 200th        10.000
201th to 500th          5.000

These Kado points are shared out between the players of each winning clan.
Status VIP

You can become a VIP player (Very Important Player ;)) and obtain advantages in Kadokado.

Here you'll find information about its associated advantages:
 Advantage VIP 1
 Advantage VIP 2
 Advantage VIP 3

Complete your fidelity card to increase your VIP level. Go to the next section to obtain further information: Fidelity card
Fidelity card

Once you are a VIP 1 (basic level), you get a fidelity card. The more games you buy , the quicker you'll complete your VIP card and increase your VIP level.

Look at your fidelity card to see its current state.

This is an example of how a VIP 1 card looks:

To see your VIP card, go to the main page of the section Play more
VIP Level 1 

The first time you buy game tokens (gems) in the Play more section you become a VIP Level 1. This level gives you:
Contract Kado points are DOUBLED!
A new banner for the website.
Access to your very own VIP Stats page.
Previous periods history.
Access to the VIP 2 Card, which you will have to fill in in order to become a VIP Level 2.
VIP Level 3

Once your VIP Level 3 Card is completed, you become a VIP player of Level 3. You get:
A new game reserved to VIP players of Level 3.
A new banner for the website.
Frequently Asked Questions


Is Kadokado free?

Yes KadoKado is free.

Each player receives 4 green gems every day.

However you can buy extra plays (orange gems) with real money (see Play More section) or with your kado points in the Gift section.

Is there a way to use Kado Points to get benefits in other Motion Twin games, instead of real money? 

No, this is not possible.

Nevertheless you can play or (both in French). By playing and being patient you might be able to get a MTPass, that is to say, a code that you can validate in the payment section of Kadokado as a normal payment.

At what time does the day change in Kadokado so I can get 4 new green gems again?

KadoKado's servers use Paris time GMT +1. You can check it in real time at the very bottom of the site.

Is there a way to pause the games?

No. Games haven't got any pause mode.

How can I make a screenshot and put it online?

Make a screenshot
Go to the page you want to capture. Press the PRINT SCREEN key in your keyboard.
Open the software "Microsoft Paint" in your computer. Paste the image by pressing "CTRL + V" keys in your keyboard.
Save the image: Click on File > Save as... . Insert a name and choose JPEG in the Type tab. Save the image in a place you'll remember (My Documents, for example).

Publish the image
Go to:
Click on the Browse button and choose your image.
Once you picked up the image, click on "Host it!"
Copy the url address that you'll see on a blue box (CTRL + C on your keyboard).
Paste the url address on your message.

Players and moderators will be able to see your screenshot.

Can I share my computer with another Kadokado player?

Yes, you can. Up to 3 people with their respective accounts can play on the same computer per day (check the time of the server at the very bottom of the web site).

Neverthless, if the CGU is not respected (lending of accounts, for example), the accounts will be deleted.
Can I use my gift card on the Amazon store of my country (USA, UK, Germany, etc.)?

You can, but only in and depending on your gift card.

When you order your gift card you'll see on which Amazon you can use it.

I dont hear any sounds from any of the games. Is it supposed to be like that?

Yes. Kadokado games have no sound at all :).
I did not receive any green gems today. Could you do something about it?

You get 4 green gems per different new day.

You must sign in to Kadokado when is a new day for our servers.

KadoKado's servers use Paris time GMT +1. You can check it in real time at the very bottom of the site.

We also suggest you to disconnect from Kadokado when you finish playing.

How can I report a dual-account user or any other kind of cheating user?

Fill in the form FAQ as a normal question. Our team will check the account and delete it if necessary.

Players VIP 
Are the VIPs' advantages cumulative?

Yes, they are.
Are the VIP's advantages permanent?

Yes, they are.

How can I become a VIP player?

When you buy games in the "Play More" section (link at the top right side of the site), you become a VIP player.

Your VIP level increases if you continue your fidelity to Kadokado.
User interface and My Account 

Where can I change my avatar?

You can change your avatar within the "Settings" section.

Either click on your account login link (always present at the top of the Kalendar)

The long way: click on HOME, then My Account (on the right) then use the Settings Tab.
My stars (red, green or orange) have dissapeared. Why?

Because the 14 days period has finished.

At the end of each period, you get new kado points thanks to the stars you have acummulated, your ranking in the games and your clan ranking (depending on the Championship of the Clans).

At this moment, all rankings and stars are reset and a new Period starts.

You have all the necessary information in the Stars and Period Sections in the Help.

How can I delete my account?

1. Click on HOME (blue link at the top side of the site).

2. Click on My Account (link at the right in the vertical menu).

3. Click on the Settings tab.

4. In the Settings tab, go down and you'll find the "Unsubscribe" section.
How can I change my password?

1. Click on HOME (blue link at the top side of the site).

2. Click on "My Account" (link in the vertical menu at the left side).

3. Click on the "Settings" tab.

4. In the "Settings" tab, go down and you'll find the "Change my password" section.

How do I get the Forum Pass ?

1. Click on Gift (pink link at the top side of the site).

2. Click on Kado-Gift Section

3. Choose Forum Pass.

The Forum Pass costs 200 kado points.

How can I insert an avatar in my page?

1. Click on WEB (blue link at the top side of the site).

2. Click on My Account (link in the vertical menu at the left side).

3. Click on the Settings Tab.

4. In Settings, search the My Avatar section.

Remember: You need the Forum Pass to be able to insert an Avatar.

How can I add a friend to my contact list?

There are two ways:

1. Click on the player name (in the forum, the ranking, etc.) to see his/her public sheet. 
In the Friends box, click on the smyley orange face.

3. Go to the Messages section > Contacts Tab > Add contact.

It will be included in your contact list.
Your friend must add you to his/her contact list in order to be shown in your friends list.

What advantages do I get by referring players?

You will get the equivalent of 20% of the Orange Gems your referred players buy in the "Play More" section.
I've heard that I can get free gems if I recommend Kadokado to a friend. How can I do that?

To access the Sponsoring section:

1. Click on WEB (blue link at the top of the site).
2. Click on My Account (link in the vertical menu at the right).
3. Sponsoring tab.

You'll get 20% of the games your registered friends buy from the "Play More" section.
I've got new games without buying anything. Why?

Because a friend who registered in Kadokado following your recommendation bought games in the Play More section.

Kadokado gives you 20% of the games your registered friends buy.

For example, if one of your registered friend buys 1 million gems, you get 200.000 free gems.

I belong to a clan but I cannot launch any more attacks. I can just defend my clan. What's going on?

Find a clan with approximately the same number of points as yours and you will be able to attack it.

The clan system protects weak clans from big clans and big clans from small clans.

I'm in a clan but I can only defend, but no attack. What can I do?

Find a clan with a number of points similar to yours.

The clan system is designed to prevent weak clans from being attacked by strong clans and vice versa.

What can I do when I suspect of a clan that has multiaccounts?

Please send a private message to a moderator with the name of the clan, a link to its page and the names of the suspected players (if the clan contains more than 30 players)

The moderators are titechose, kitry, Bothan, Galcien, lolo1234, diedene91.

How can I perform a clan attack?

If your clan is at war against another clan, a link "ATTACK" on the Status page of your Clan is available to launch an attack.

You can also visit the Main Page of other clans from the Clan Ranking and attack the clan by clicking on the link "Attack this clan" (on the left side of the clan main page).

I am trying to join a clan but I cannot find any button from where I can apply. What can I do?

First of all, be sure that you have at least 100 kado points.

Then, go to the clan's main page and click on the green button "Apply to join this clan" (at the bottom of the page).

Make sure that the chief accepts new applications. If you don't see the button, it means that the chief of the clan has closed the applications and thus you cannot apply.
Gifts and the Kado-Gift section 

Can I cancel a gift card order?


The electronic gift card code is immediately delivered into your private messenger.

Once delivered a code cannot be canceled.

Are the electronic gift cards limited to a few countries?

No, they're not.

The online shop Amazon, where you'll use the gift card, ships all over the world.

I've unblocked a new game in the Kado-Gift section, but I can't find it now.

Click on the following links:
Green link PLAY on the top of the page

Search your game on these pages.
Play More section: buying games 

I've no bank card and I would like to pay by SMS, Phone or another payment method (clickandpay, paysafecard, moneybookers, etc.). Nevertheless my country is not in the country list of the PLAY MORE section. What can I do?

If your country is not in the list in the PLAY MORE section, click on the WORLD icon to buy more games. You will be able to buy games by bank card exclusively.

We insert sms and phone call as means of payment for more countries when our payment provider Rentabiliweb is qualified to do that. About other payment means, we'll try to insert more when we have the time! :)
If you want to join kadokado, click this link below

My Brute

My brute is a Flash based arena fighting game. Players create "brutes" and fight other players to gain experience and equipment. Can compete in tournaments and join clans.

Click here and Insert a name to create your own Brute. You will be able to fight against other Brutes in the arena and recruit new pupils. Gain experience and fight tough in the ranking to become... THE BRUTE!
For a first time user, you are allowed 6 fights. For the next time 3 fights per day is allowed. As you compete you gain experience, thus you can have skills and weapons as you level up.

My Brute Weapons:
Short Range Weapons:

In order from left to right:

Short reach with reasonable damage. Good for multiple attacks. Damage range: 9-12

Weak weapon but causes a lot of multiple attack chance for high strength and agility brutes. Damage range: 3-5

Rare weapon. High chance of getting multiple attacks with this one. Damage range: 7-10

Similar to the knife but has a higher chance of being disarmed. Damage range: 9-12

Coffee Cup
Very rare weapon. Very strong for close combat. Best short range weapon. Damage range: 12-17

Rare weapon. Similar to knife. Nothing really special. According to Martinezz, every time a person gets hit, while armed with the racquet, the person will strike back immediately. So it’s like an immediate counter attack. (Thanks for the email) Damage range: 6-10

Medium Range Weapons:

In order from left to right:

A common weapon that will increase your chances of dodging an attack. Damage range: 10-15

A common weapon that is good for multiple attacks. Damage range: 15-20

Rare weapon that deals large damage and high chance of doing multiple attacks. Damage Range: 20-25

Mammoth Leg
Common weapon that is similar to hatchet. Damage range: 12-17

Fairly good weapon that has a high chance of doing multiple blows. Damage range: 12-17

Frying Pan
A rare weapon that gives lots of damage but does not do multiple attacks. Damage range: 18-23

Weak weapon. Made just for fun. Damage range: 6-10

Thrown or Launched Weapon:

In order from left to right:
Surikens / Ninja Stars

A semi-rare weapon that can thrown several times and limitless munitions. Damage range: 6-9

Piou Piouz
A fun weapon based from a character in the game, Piou Piouz. This little bird can do a damage range of 9-10.

Noodle Bowl
A rare weapon similar to Surikens but with higher damage. Damage range: 12-15

My Brute Skills
There are a total of 28 specialties/supers a brute can gain every time they level up:
: Skills that are activated at some point during a fight and have a duration and only activate once during a fight.
: Skills that give a passive effect for the entirety of every fight.

Herculean Strength SPECIALTY: With your strength, you are capable of moving mountains! But that moment has not yet come, you have an enemy to destroy.
This skill appears to raise your brute's Strength attribute by 4-5 points.

Master of Arms: Thanks to your mastery with the knife, you are turning into a really dangerous individual causing serious problems to your enemy.
This skill appears to roughly double your brute's damage when wielding a weapon.

Martial Arts SPECIALTY: Your Chuck Norris course has paid off! Now you can put your feet where you want... and more often than not they'll be on your opponent's ugly...
This skill appears to roughly double your brute's unarmed damage.

Tornado of Blows SPECIALTY: ....and you hit hit hit, that's just your way of showing love! You're a mad torrent of misunderstood love. What madnessssss!
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of landing consecutive hits.

Shield SPECIALTY: An armor. To stop the blows.....sometimes.
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of blocking attacks.

Impact SPECIALTY: Your blows are so devastating that your opponent drops his weapon...Now you can show it off to your friends! What about that? Is it cool or what?
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of forcing the opponent to drop its weapon/shield.

Survival SPECIALTY: Your years of fighting have made you invincible. Mortals blows have gained you one life point instead of knocking you out.
This skill appears to leave your brute at 1 HP the first time it would be knocked out, giving it 1 more chance to win.

Fierce Brute SUPER: Now you really are a true brute. More so than ever. You are more powerful and violent than ever in the fight.
This skill appears to briefly multiply your brute's raw damage output. ie make your brute's next attack a "critical hit."

Net SUPER: A classic net. Not as cool as Spiderman's, but it's good enough for your enemy... Your enemy will be immobilized until you feel like hitting him again.
This skill appears to immobilize any brute or pet caught in it until the caught enemy takes damage. Thus this skill is most effective if used to neutralize a pet, especially a bear.

Hammer SUPER: A catch technique consist of jumping with your enemy, and then falling on top of him.
This skill appears to slam your opponent with a piledriver move for alot of damage.

Hypnosis SUPER: Now, talking about your appeal to pets, absolutely nobody can rival you. They'd follow you to the ends of the earth. and that's a fact.
This skill appears to turn all the enemy brute's pets against them for your brute. The greatest dreaded bear counter and at the moment, possibly the only way to command 2 bears.

Bolt of Lightning SPECIALTY: You hit faster than your shadow and bite faster than your enemy.
This skill appears to raise your brute's Speed attribute by 4-5 points.

Sixth Sense SPECIALTY: Your eagle-eyed vigilance allows you to anticipate your enemy's sneaky tricks. Now you can attack before he knows what hit him!
This skill appears to increase your brute's chance of interrupting your opponent's attacks with your own.

Extra-Thick Skin SPECIALTY: All the knocks you've taken have actually helped you develop. Your brute is the proud owner of a thicker and more resistant skin.
This skill appears to reduce the damage your brute takes in combat. Conclusive average damage reduction has yet to be determined.

Tragic Potion SUPER: Haaave a little sip of this. It could make you a bit drunk.. Hic...hic... This peach juice restores some of the energy you lost in the fight.
This skill appears to quickly heal roughly 1/4 of your brute's total hp in a fight.

Bomb SUPER: A bit like a water bomb, but more damaging!
This skill appears to toss a bomb that deals respectable damage to both opposing brutes

My Brute Pets

The weakest of all pets. Takes about 20 damage before it dies, does about 4 damage per attack, attacks 2-3 times.
Stronger than the dog, this pet does about 12 damage per attack, and attacks very frequently. It also dodges incoming attacks.
The best bonus your brute can have! Can deal and endure a LOT of damage!

List of All my brutes: (from lowest to highest level)

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