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My Niece's 2nd birthday celebration

Yesterday, my sister's daughter Nicole celebrated her 2nd birthday. Because my dad and his father were not here (both working abroad) we decided to celebrate her birthday with a fun day for her. We went to Old spaghetti house for lunch, we had mozzarella sticks, pasta, pizza and a desert. Then we headed on to Fun Ranch. When we went there, there were a few people and other rides are not yet opened. We toured the whole place for a while and found an express train. Nicole and her Mom went to a ride around the area. This is a picture of her in the train.
During our tour around the area, there is a bridge that she loves to walk on. She keeps coming back for a couple of times. We were a bit dizzy while walking in the bridge but she loves it. haha. Here is a few pictures of her in the bridge.

The other rides there is a bit for larger kids so we went to Active Fun wherein they have big slides and interactive center for kids. They can play and learn at the same time. She was with her Mom and they enjoyed it so much! Her time was for an hour but she wants to stay longer so we had to make her calm and stop her from crying. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

After that we went to Ark Avilon Zoo. It is just beside Fun Ranch and we still want to let Nicole explore the place and let her look at animals.

She's out of my league restricted trailer

Kirk (Jay Baruchel, “Knocked Up,” “Tropic Thunder”), an average Joe, can’t believe his luck when Molly (Alice Eve), a successful and outrageously gorgeous babe falls for him. Now he has to make the relationship work, even though he’s the first to admit “She’s Out of My League.” Coming soon in cinemas. Here is the trailer:

Our Gradeshool - Highschool Batch Reunion

I wasn't able to post this yesterday. We had our gradeschool and highschool reunion 2 days ago. After 10 long years, we've seen each other again. The calltime was 6 pm. I was there 5 mins before 6 but I just saw Kristine. Then she texted Eve who was there for a few minutes already but was on the near store. We waited a bit longer and then Briss came. We went to the cafe and waited for an hour and then the others came. haha. We've started our dinner about 8pm. We've talked for hours and took pictures. Others are married and have kids already while others (like me) are still single. Anna is celebrating her birthday the day after so we also celebrated and greeted her. They gave her mango cake with a greeting text and a candle on it. It was so fun reminiscing our school days. Thanks to facebook we were gathered all together but we were not complete because most of them are living abroad and others are busy with other events on that day. Maybe we'll see each other again for another 10 years. haha.

Homemade Sushi

Yesterday, my sister made homemade sushi. She bought the ingredients in the grocery store that morning and did it for our merienda. Instead of japanese rice, it is our plain filipino rice but soaked it in water for a few minutes to make it sticky. It has a combination of crab sticks, cucumber sticks, stripped mango, tuna and egg roll with japanese sushi sauce (not sure if it is the right term for it haha) There is also a bit of wasabi in the tuna roll. It tastes very good and I ate a lot hahaha. I told my sister to make it as a business and she said she'll think of it. :D She likes to make and invent dishes from time to time unlike me. hahaha. Looking forward for another dish.Till my next post!

My New Site Released!

At long last I've finished making my site as I've said on my previous post it took me a few days or so. Well it is just a simple site but it has all the info into one. It focuses on my blogs, online stores, other accounts and there is a blog too but it will be more on the updates on this blog and my artblog. I've made that site using weebly and it is so easy to use because you'll just have to drag and drop the elements. No need for coding or whatsoever and html is allowed to be used. I'm planning to make a little more changes as time goes by, but for now I will think of ways on how to promote it. I am up for the idea of inviting guest bloggers to write on my blog. There is also a page there dedicated for link exchange. I would love it if you help me promote it and I will surely help you promote your blog also. There is also an added page I just thought of today, I've added an entertainment page, it is a fun page wherein you can directly play games. It has more than 6000+ games that you can choose from. All the page has a share button below. If you happen to like what you've seen please share it through your facebook, myspace, google, twitter and other social networking accounts. Please visit my SITE NOW! Thanks and see you there!

Watch out for my New Site!

It's been a while since I have posted anything in my blog. I've been busy making a new website. Well unfortunately not from scratch. I'm doing it in which I'm sure most of you have heard of it or use it already. I'm making a website mainly because I have a few accounts in different sites and because of that I'd like to put all my blogs and other accounts into one. I'm not saying that I would abandon this blog or my artblog, I will create links for this and all my other sites into one which is I think would be more exciting. Who knows what would happen if it'll click. I happened to make a few pages already and hopefully to launch it in a few days or so. So please watch out. I'm going to announce it here once I finish it. Till my next post! See yah!

New endorser of Cup Noodles? Haha

I have a niece named Nicole, she is turning 2 yrs. old this coming end of march and she loves to eat noodles. Earlier, we had cup noodles for "merienda" and she was so cute when she eats it. So my Sister said why don't I video her. She's excited everytime my sister would give her noodles she even wants it over and over again haha. She says its yummy and ok haha so cute! This is the video I've taken. I'm no professional in taking video so please don't expect much :) Sorry if the background is a bit noisy because of the television. But my Niece's voice is pretty loud to understand :D Here's the video:

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El Niño in the Philippines

It's been months since it rained here in our country. It is said to be caused by the El Niño phenomenon. According to thefreedictionary El Niño is A warming of the surface water of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean, occurring every 4 to 12 years and causing unusual global weather patterns. An El Niño is said to occur when the trade winds that usually push warm surface water westward weaken, allowing the warm water to pool as far eastward as the western coast of South America. When this happens, the typical pattern of coastal upwelling that carries nutrients from the cold depths to the ocean surface is disrupted, and fish and plankton die off in large numbers. El Niño warming is associated with the atmospheric phenomenon known as the southern oscillation, and their combined effect brings heavy rain to western South American and drought to eastern Australia and Indonesia. El Niño also affects the weather in the United States, but not as predictably. Compare La Nina.
The effects that we are seeing because of this phenomenon are the drought that the farmers are experiencing. Most of the crops are drying because of the lack of irrigation. There are also cases of heat stroke in different parts of the country. Dams are their lowest critical levels and are forced to shorten their productivity times. Last week the country experienced 1 to 2 hours rotational brownouts.
Let us all pray that we may not experience this for a longer time and that the government may find a way to help us solve this problem.

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Works of art by RiA - Gallery

Many of you know that I have an art blog which is called Works of Art by RiA. I have done a few works posted there and I would like to share it with you here. I haven't added some drawings lately but I am busy designing blogger templates or layouts. These are just simple backgrounds for blogger and I match the colors and the fonts with the layouts I make. These are the listed categories on my artblog: Sketches, Drawings, Free Templates, Personalized, Others. If you happened to like my free templates, pls leave a comment in the sample layout with your URL or email so I can get back to you. I would edit the header for you and give the step by step instructions on how to install it to your blog. Below is a slideshow of my works. Feel free to comment on them. Thanks and happy blogging!

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