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CNN Hero of the Year

I've posted earlier that a fellow filipino was nominated in the CNN hero of the year. Very good news for us Filipinos because Efren Penaflorinda won! He said that 90% of the prize will be donated to their group and 10% would go to church. When I heard this, I was even more touched because none of these would go to himself, he is always thinking of others. A truly hero at heart. Here is the video of the awarding ceremony. From the CNN site:

Congratulations Kuya Ef! :)

Works of Art by RiA

I have a new blog called Works of Art by RiA this blog is solely for my "piece of arts" collection. I'll share my own drawings, layout designs, backgrounds and all stuffs pertaining to arts.

I designed the header and background myself and right now I'm staring to post my old drawings. I'll soon post my newest drawings and newly sketches of persons which is very hard for me because I'm not really good at this. haha.

I'm also planning on creating background themes for blogger. I would also love to hear other people's comments on my work and can grant simple request.

Congrats Pacquiao! Proud to be Pinoy!

Another boxing history has happened today when two of famous boxers of today, Miguel Cotto and Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao had a great fight.

I happened to witness it much as I wanted to watch it through online streaming, I watched a couple of it live until round 6, but then had problems with my internet connection so I had to see the news from my friends on plurk (lolz)

Pacman knocked Cotto twice (round 3 and round 4) and manages to give strong punches. Pretty good game to watch because Cotto also thrown some good punches but then our hero had a lot of power over the fight.

The fight ended on round 12 when the referee stopped the fight. Thus another victory for "Pacman" which got him 7 different titles for boxing.

Here's some highlights of the fight:


CNN Heroes

I watched Umagang Kay Ganda this morning and I've seen their segment about CNN Heroes. They said that one of our fellow Filipino is nominated in the top 10, so I immediately voted for him.  His name is  Efren Penaflorinda. He has this passion for teaching the kids who are not so lucky to have a good education. He is roaming around the depressed areas with a pushcart or "Kariton" classroom.

Together with his team of volunteers, they teach basic reading and writing to those children who are living in the streets. Their pushcart contains books, writing materials, tables and chairs. The group also has a hygienic clinic where children can take a bath and learn how to brush their teeth. For more of his full story. You can read this article straight from CNN's site: Efren Penaflorida's Story

If you want to vote: here's the site - CNN Heroes

Source: CNN, CNN Heroes
Image from:

Top Entrecard Droppers

It's been 2 months I think since I joined entrecard. Much to my expectation, I had more traffic for my blog. Many thanks for all those who are dropping EC credits daily. Here's top 10 droppers on my blog:

Thanks to all those who are always active in dropping. Although I can't promise to drop everyday. But I'm really pushing myself to drop everyday. Again, thanks! I'll post the top droppers again by the end of the month. :)

My Mom

It's been 6 years since my Mom passed away because of the dreadful cervical cancer. I really missed her, she is my bestfriend , best Mom for me and my sister and best wife for my Father. Now that the all souls day is coming again, I remembered her again. We haven't visited yet her grave, we should have visited yesterday but it rained in the morning and then in the afternoon. Today, there are so many people there and decided not to go because we have my niece with us. My uncle and some of my cousins went there. Probably we'll visit sometime this week or the next week.

It was 29 years since she gave birth to my sister, and 26 ago when I was born, At first, she still worked in the office but when I came in the world, she decided to take care and be a full time Mom for us two. She is very kind, generous and patient. She is very soft spoken, that even if she is angry, you wouldn't know it. Because Dad is working abroad (Doha, Qatar) she is the one who took care of us. When we went to school, she always has time to be there when parents are needed. She would come to events, programs and our graduation. During our elementary days, we have our school service. During our college days, she would come with us and teach us how to commute. We have a van, but then my Dad is the only one who knows how to drive at that time. When summer comes, Dad comes for a 1 month vacation. That's the time that we got to be as one family again. But then as much as we wanted to be all together for the rest of our lives, we couldn't, our lives are just a gift from God, and he has plans. I know that our Mom is already happy with Him. She sacrificed many things for us and it's time that we give her the happiness she deserves. I love you Mom!

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