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Happy Birthday Nicole!

Today is my Niece's 3rd birthday. She is my sister's daughter and the kid I am taking care of whenever my Sister is at work. She calls me Ninang because I am also her godmother during her baptism.

We just celebrated her special day in my cousin's house. Then went to Trinoma and then went home. Her Dad bought a cake and we ate it during dinner time.

Her party will be on April 2, which will be a swimming / children's party. I made the invitation card (on the left) for her party. I will make a post for this probably next week. So watch out.

This is just a quick post to greet her on my blog.
Hope you'll continue to be a good, sweet, friendly and independent kid. Please lessen your tantrums and don't argue with me when I am correcting you. :)) Please remember that me, you mom, your dad, lolos, lolas, titas, titos, ates and kuyas are always here to guide and love you.

Till my next post! See yah!

Winners for my first ever giveaway contest

I already posted the ads for the top 3 winners for my first ever giveaway contest 2 days after it has ended. Official post that I have said was supposed to be last March 15 but I wanted to wait for them to receive their prizes first before I say it here. ;)) Here are my top 3 winners:

and 1 month advertisement here in RiA's World
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and 2 months advertisement here in RiA's World
working at home

and 3 months advertisement from RiA's World
Thank you so much to those who participated and joined my first ever giveaway. A total of 13 bloggers submitted their entries. I can't wait to have another contest soon. :D
Kayce and Mona blogged about their prizes and cristina uploaded a photo of her watch on FB. I'm so happy and touched about it. :) Thanks Sissies! Sorry if I haven't blogged a quite sometime now. I am so busy with my Online Shop so I hardly made a post here. Maybe next week I will post an interesting story. So till my next post! See yah!

Firefox 4 Beta

I'm a Firefox user for many years now. I have tried other browsers but still go back with firefox.
Now they launched the new Firefox 4.0 Beta 12. I've been using this for 3 days now and so far, I'm happy with it. What are the pros and cons that I see with the with this new version? Here are my list:

  • Fast loading of websites
  • Much like chrome, it is sleeker. Which is what I've been waiting for.
  • I haven't seen crashing reports that were very annoying. Especially when uploading files.
  • New features: Sync for Mobile, Group your tabs, Add-On Manager
  • See all other features - go to this link
  • Other add-ons are not yet compatible with this version. But with their add-on manager, you can report and send feedback to add-on compatibility reporter.
  • Still on beta testing.
I bet many of you are using it now. What are your experiences with it? What are the new features that you like most about it? I like the group tabs the most because when I go online I open so many tabs and I have a hard time going back and forth with them. It is very useful for me for the things that I work on. I can organize my online businesses. I can arrange my blogs, ptcs, online store, social networks, website designing, etc.
I rate the firefox 4 beta 4 stars. :D If you still haven't tried it, you can download it now through this link. Till my next post! See yah!

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