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Goodbye Tita Cor

It was barely a month since my Grandfather died and now it is very saddening that an important person in our family has also passed away. She is Our Dear "Tita Cor" she is the sister of my mother and my Godmother who used to take care of us and our cousins when we were young. When my mother was working then, my sister was left with her and her husband until I was born that my Mother quit her job. She is very kind, sweet and generous, she was born with polio and complications on her heart and asthma. She earned a living with tailoring and had a son. But when my cousin's mother died she took care of one of my cousin and accepted her as one of her daughter. She also has taken good care of her grandsons and grand daughter that they call her "Mama".

We know that she is in good hands right now and would continue to watch over us. We thank God for giving us an Aunt who doesn't stop touching people's lives. We love her and will miss her.

How to stay cool on a warm weather

As we all know, mother earth is getting angry and so we experience global warming especially in the Philippines. Here are some of the tips that I would like to share with you to keep you oh so cool during this hot summer days:
  • Always drink water
 Water is very important in our body as it consists 70% of it. Getting at least 8 glasses is recommended, however, during these hot summer we can take more than what is needed. Plus, getting a water in a freezer makes it a lot more easy to freshen ourselves from the warm breeze. I happen to do it during this past few weeks. I always leave a bottle of water in the freezer and drink it from time to time. It surely takes away the heat from my body. I know it is not always good to those who have voice/throat problems but it is my way to fight away the heat. :) When you are away from your home, don't forget to take a bottle of water with you.
  • Go to the beach / swimming pool
Since it is summer and it is vacation time, going to beach is what we enjoy the most especially with this kind of whether. But be careful on going to the heat of the sun during 10am to 4pm. It is likely the time of the day where you have a tendency to get sun burn. If you are a beach / pool crazy don't forget to bring your sunscreen lotions with you as you will definitely need it or have yourself a super tan skin. lol.

  • Bring your umbrella with you
When you are going out of your house, be sure to bring your trustful umbrella with you. You will need it to protect yourself from the sun. Buy an umbrella that can be folded so you can tuck it in to your bag so it wouldn't bother you about carrying it at all.

  • Bring a fan with you
Bring it when you go out. The weather nowadays is so extremely hot and we need a thing that would keep us cooler. If you are not in a room with no electric fan or aircon at all, it is a remedy for it.

  • Take a bath from time to time
If you are in the comfort of your home, then it is very refreshing way to lessen the heat. Take a bath at least twice or thrice a day and you'll surely have a nice feeling about it.

  • Get your summer clothes on the go
It is time to wear clothes that are flowy, light colored, sleeveless shirt or shorts. Avoid wearing jackets, long sleeves or dark colored shirts because it will only add heat to your body. Be as creative as you can look and this is the time that you can wear your sexy outfits hahaha.

Well, that's all the tips I can share right now. If you want to add more of your tips for this summer, feel free to comment here and let us share our ideas.


I have joined plurk for more than a year now and I've met so many great people there. One of my plurk friend invited me to his site which is called Plurkaholics. It is a social networking site wherein you can exchange comments, give gifts and chat with the members and your friends. I'm new to it so I have only a few friends now. I am also designing my page so it would look good. :) I really love designing and experimenting on my profile on networking sites. I added some of my favorite songs and RSS of my blog. I am working on improving it and add more cool apps. If you want to see my profile on plurkaholics, you can check it out HERE. You can sign up and add me as a friend.
I haven't finished my site yet because I formatted my PC lately and been busy installing applications. That's all I have to share for now. Till my next post! See yah!

Blog Update

Sorry if I wasn't able to update this site or haven't blog hopped thoroughly this past few days. I am busy again with building another website. I am making a personal site using ucoz which is free also and can add blog, forum and articles. I have 2 accounts from them before but I just used it to store and upload my files. Now I'll be creating one again and hopefully make it in a few days or so. My new site will be entitled "RiA's Place". It would be for my personal experiences and be focusing more on my life. I would continue this blog but this would be for tips, recommended sites, news and topics that are popular. I'll be posting the link of my new site as soon as I finish editing it. Till my next post. See yah! :)

Election 2010

I exercised my right to vote today. I woke up late this morning and decided to vote during lunch time, which I did the last time. But my uncle said I should vote earlier because of the merging of precincts that's why I went there around 10:30. I have already my precinct number and I immediately went to look at what room it should be. I looked at the list of the names and found my name. I then went to the election officer on the door to ask what to do. She gave me a piece of paper that I would have to fill up a few details including my precinct number and my number on the master list and then I would have to fall in line. I did what she said I listed up the paper and then I looked for the line for that precinct number. OMG! I walked and walked to look for the line and it was so long. I thought I saw the end of the line and waited for a few mins. when I realized that it was not the end of the line. The people who are distant to me said it was ok but I never meant to do it lol. It was like everyone wanted to be on the top of the line and many are very angry because of the long lines.
After 4 hours of waiting with no lunch I finally casted my vote! It was the first time that the Philippines had an automated election that is why it is like this but I believe that on the next election it would be better.
I voted for Gordon for president because I believe he has the capability of running the country and Binay for my vice President because he also has shown a lot of work in his territory. For other positions I just picked who I recognized and think that they have done something from the past. I just hope that all will be well and just and whoever wins will give good governance in our suffering country. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrate today a special day for a special person dear to us, Our Mother. Although I can't see my Mom because she is in heaven now I could still remember how she took care of me and my sister. She is a very good mother, she decided to quit her job after she gave birth to me. She lived her life taking good care of us as a housewife. She is very patient and even if she is angry, do wouldn't recognize it. She is a silent type of person who is very loving. I remember I am always lying on the bed with her except when my Father is here on vacation. But then almost 7 years ago, she had a cervical cancer. She had chemo and other treatment that caused complications and later on lead to death. We were in so much pain to see her go because we truly love her. But later on we realized that God has plans for all of us and we have to face all the obstacles in life. We know that she is in heaven right now and is always watching and guiding us from above. Later this afternoon we visited her grave and prayed the rosary for her. We love her so much because she is the most wonderful Mom in the whole wide world! :)
Happy Mother's Day Mommy! and to all Mothers out there. :D

Farewell Lolo

It's been a week since my Grandfather (Father of my Dad) died. We were busy during the 6 days of his wake. My dad went back for an emergency leave from Qatar as well as my 3 cousins (2 from Australia and one from Singapore) whom they are so close with my grandfather. He had a prostate cancer and eventually lead to other complications. He was bedridden for a couple of months and fought pain from the disease.

It was a great loss for all of us but somehow we know that he is in good hands right now and reunited again with our grandmother whom he truly loves. He served the parish for 50 years and as a lay minister for 28 yrs. He has brought up his children (my father being the eldest, and his 3 siblings) to be god-fearing persons and he has set a good example to all of us (grandchildren). He has bind us and loved us unconditionally without asking for anything in return.

Please help us pray for his soul in purgatory. "Tatay David" we will truly miss and love you.

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