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Dancing Inmates - Michael Jackson's This is it

The Dancing Inmates in YouTube are back again and is featured on DVD of Michael Jackson's This is it. They were choreographed by non other than Michael Jackson's longtime choreographer Travis Payne and together with a few of his backup dancers in his supposed to be "This is it" concert. The inmates are from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, a maximum security prison in the Philippines. I've also heard that it just took 2 days to make this performance.

The video is amazing, beautifully choreographed. I got goosebumps when I've watched it. :) Another event that Filipinos are to be proud of. Before I forget, this is the video:

Cute game for girls

I just found a new game yesterday on facebook. It's called what to wear. I found about it through my sister. She was browsing her facebook wall updates and found an update of one of her friends about it. Then she played it and I saw it. I said invite me to that game. I got addicted to it. It was pretty cute because you create an outfit for a certain event that is showcased on that particular day. You get to choose from a wide variety of clothes from t-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, accessories, etc. all with organized category. After you have created an outfit and you are satisfied with it, you then submit it. Submission of entries for that particular event has a time limit. (I'm not sure of the exact time) Here's a screenshot from the game.

After that you can vote other people's outfit. There is an automatic loading of choices from other players. You get to choose between two models. Just like this screenshot:

Once you've voted, you'll get +2 credit bonus and 10 SP plus you have a couple of times to add a bonus if you like a model's outfit and you can add review on their portfolio. Once you leveled up, you get to have surprise bonuses like additional credit bonus or new outfits. 
Pretty cool for girls because you are not just dressing up a model but you get the chance to also be a critic :). Try this game if you are a fashion lover like me. Till my next post. See yah :D

Blog Anniversary

I can't imagine how time flies it's been a year since I've created this blog. At first I was not so serious about this. My purpose at that time is just to showcase my overlay designs in friendster and share some useful information on html (which I studied on my own). But then the scope of my blog eventually broaden. I've shared other things that I'm interested in and thought that I should share it also here. Although I'm not the type of blogger that would blog everyday but I'm always checking my blog every now and then. I've also experimented on my blogger layout. During my few months, I was changing my blog theme every week.and change the elements and contents of the sidebars. Until I was satisfied with the look of it and designed my own header,  which is what I am proud of. With all the study I did on the net, I did many research on how to customize my blog including blog designs, blog traffic, few tips and tricks on how to add spice to blog, etc. I  gained friends from fellow bloggers and encouraged other online buddies to make a blog of their own. I happened to have another blog which focused mainly on my artworks.
I'm so grateful to all my fellow bloggers, readers, friends, family and visitors. I will continue what I have started and will still find ways to improve my blogsite. Thank you to those who are really helping me make this blog a meaningful one. :)

Link Referral

I just recently joined a site called link referral. It is just like other sites that can increase and generate your blog's traffic. Once you are member, you are listed in their member's directory that are visited by over 250,000 and outside visitors on daily basis. Plus you can get reviews and rank among members. You are given rankings, to stay at the top of the rank, log in each day and your ranking through the directory will stay in the top half of listed sites, you can visit a maximum of 30 sites, 5 good quality reviews, comment or question to a forum post and choose a favorite site. You can also gain traffic through their referral program, you are given a link which you can use and gain thousands of visitors a day if you stay on the top featured site. If you haven't joined yet, feel free to sign up because it is free! Click my banner below to join. See you there!

Plurk vs. Twitter

These are 2 of the most loved sites nowadays, aside from facebook and friendster. Wherein you can share what you feel, what you do, or even share images and videos that you like. 

I've been using Plurk for more than a year now and I've met so many people and even created new friends by using it. At first I was a bit lost and don't know what to do with it. Because of the many responses I have in my timeline. But then I get the hang of it and replied to a couple of them and eventually had friends.  In plurk there is what you call karma points, wherein you can achieve points and have exclusive smileys for higher karma points. You can get karma points by being active, by constantly updating your profile, posting or sharing quality plurk and getting responses from other plurkers. Your karma may decrease because of spamming and inactivity for a long period of time. So keeping it updated is the key. :) You can add friends or just follow someone wherein you will be his/her fan. You can see the plurks made by your friends and those who you chose to follow their plurks. You can connect  you plurk status through different social networking sites like facebook, friendster, twitter, ym and the like. Just like I do, I connected it with my twitter.

I've joined twitter for just a couple of months now but I'm not active with it. It is much like plurk, You can see the tweets made by people whom you follow however, with twitter you'll just share what you want to say and don't get any responses for that particular post. I mean they can respond but with a different line or message. Unlike with plurk wherein you can reply with  your particular plurk and be joined by other plurkers and your fans as well. With twitter, it is just like sharing a short time message (pls. correct me if I'm wrong). But then I use twitter with the earn money tool I got  from a fellow blogger which is revtwt where i can earn from retweeting :D

All of this are just my opinion, people have their likes about something. The important thing is we have this sites for social networking  to enjoy :D

Image Source: twitter, plurk

Send Text Messages for free in the Philippines

I got this from a friend in facebook. Might as well share it with you.  I was a text addict before but  for a couple of months now I'm not really into it anymore. I seldom text anyone unless it's so important so I don't usually load my cp :p. Whenever I want to text someone, I use chikka but for some reasons, it was just limited because for a couple of texts it was free but then your textmate should reply at least one in your text and be charged P2.50. Sometimes they reply, but when it's really important I don't have a choice but to load to my cellphone LOL.
Since I am usually online and stays at home, I discovered this site so can send text message to anywhere in the Philippines. You can connect with your facebook account. You can also receive text because it has an inbox. But it will stay for just a day. It is not just for free text, here, you have your own profile just like other social networking sites, and a blog where you can post anything you like. Others are using it but for me I just use the text message feature. :) There you go. Have fun texting! :D Comeback

After almost 3 months of waiting, markyctrigger has made it's comeback! Home of overlaying for friendster.

Overlay is a way to cover up your original friendster profile and create a custom page with it. You can do it through HTML, XHTML, DHTML and Javascript or create and embed a flash on your HTML. 

It is a bit challenge for the site because as we all know, most of us switched to facebook. Nevertheless, this site in not merely focusing on overlays but a forum full of information about different topics  especially on creating web pages.  There are lots of off topics that you can join in and be heard. For now, the site in on the state of improving what has left since October of last year. Expect that there will be new and exciting stuff for us! :)

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