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The New President and Vice President of the Philippines

Today marks the new beginning of the new government of the Philippines as we say goodbye to the Arroyo administration and welcome the Aquino administration.

This day is the inauguration of the first automated President elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and his Vice President elect Jejomar Binay. At exactly 12 noon, Noynoy was installed as the new President of the Republic of the Philippines as he took oath and had his first speech to his fellow countrymen. Lots of people were there to witness the ceremony and it was even televised on different local stations nationwide. It was another historical event for the Philippines because many are expecting a new and improved government. We all know that the past administration has a lot of controversies and anomalies that happened.

During his Presidential speech, he said that he is going to stop corruption that lies within the government. He said that there will be no "wang wang", no counterflow, no toll, no corruption and he will make sure that the people who have done wrong will be punished by law. He also showed that this event was not a luxurious one unlike the past ceremonies. 

I am beginning to like him because of his simplicity and a down-to-earth person. I hope that he will be true to his words and make Filipinos benefit from his programs. All are expecting something from him being the son of the late Senator Benigno Aquino and the late former President Corazon Aquino. I hope and pray that all will be for the benefit of our dear country. We should also start to fix things among ourselves. We should not entrust all of it from the government, we should take part of improving our nation.

God Bless the Philippines! Till my next post! See yah!


My newest flash site released!

I'm here again for an update. I'm very sorry if I wasn't able to update this blog often and blog hopped to others because I was busy making another website. Well, another website of mine but it is full flash. I did not truly had a hard time making it because I made it using wix editor lol. I just patterned it from my old friendster overlay profile and did a few tweaks on it. Since wix is getting better now, they added more features like a comment box and the RSS feed, I did not have problems at all. I actually did it 2 days ago and still editing a few things on it. It is entitled "Where is RiA" because it is likely my website but in flash. It focuses on where to find me, my blogs, my sites, social networking sites I have joined and contact information. I also added a background song to add the angst on it. haha. Well, it is very different from other sites because it is not a formal and intricate one. It has a comment box at the top and recent blog posts. The content is like a notebook, you can navigate it by clicking the edge of the notebook or the menu at the right side. You can also see my recent blog posts aside from the one on the top. I will be editing it and make it better as days go by. You can see my new site HERE I would be very happy if you comment and suggest something so I can make it a great one. Feel free to add comments on it. Till my next post! See yah!

Happy Father's Day!

Today, we celebrate a special person in our Family, our Dad. Although my Dad is not here today because of his work abroad, I would like to dedicate this post for him. He is a good provider and everytime he has vacation here in the Philippines (mostly just a month) he makes sure that we bond together as a family. He truly was a good husband to my mother but because she already passed away because of illness, I know that he really miss her so much. I wanted to make him feel that he is truly love, that's why when he is here, I make sure that I serve his breakfast and talk to him and tell stories. I wanted to be more closer to him because I honestly am not close to him before because he started to work abroad when I was just 2 years old. I would only see him for just a month during summer. He always give advices and is strict on me regarding the social networking sites. He is not in favor of it because he said other people might get information of me and he is afraid that I might be in trouble. But then I rest assured him that I will be very careful on posting information about me on the net. It is not late for us to have our bonding together, eventually, he will retire from work and I will be the one who would take care of him. I wish him good health and guidance from up above. Eventhough he is miles away, I can feel and see that he loves me and my sister so much. He wouldn't sacrifice himself to give us a great life and education and since we both finished our studies already, it is time that we now take care of him. I love you and I miss you Daddy! Happy Father's Day!

Baking Life

This past few weeks, I have been addicted to another game on facebook which is called "Baking Life". It was suggested by my niece, who was playing it for quite sometime now. She is not into games on facebook, she is only playing hotel city but when she saw this game, she got so addicted to it and so am I! LOL!

This game is similar to other games on facebook like restaurant city, hotel city and cafe world. Here, you will manage a bakery and earn money through it. At first, you will be given proper instructions on how the game works. It would teach you how to bake and sell your products. As you level up, you will gain more recipes and equipments for your bakery (gas line for another oven, outlet for another display case, phone jack for another cash register) you can also add more decors and expand your bakery (either money or asking your friends for help). The goal of this game: earn money and maintain a high hype (what they call rating) The more hype you have, the many customers you will get. You can earn money from the sale you get on your bakery, from the neighbors and from the tips when you apply in their bakery.

Why I love this game: The graphics are cuter :) The avatars are larger the bakery is also cool. Easy to edit your place you also have an option to make it to full screen. You don't have to add neighbors (if they are playing the game, they would be automatically added to your neighbors) One thing I really like about it also: It loads fast! haha! It is on beta version as of now, so I expect more from them in the coming days or weeks. They just added more decors and appliances that you can choose from.

I am currently in level 23 (I surpassed the level of my niece who led me into this game LOL) This is the look of my bakery now:
If you haven't played it yet, try this game. But this game is for people who is really an internet geek like me LOL. Because you would check your food from time to time (or else, it would spoil). If you happen to check your internet for a few hours in a day, you should cook something a bit longer (1 - 2 days). This game can teach you how to manage your time efficiently and to budget your income.

Let me know how you think of this. That's all I have to share for now. Till my next post! See yah! :)

How A tiny apartment can transform into 24 rooms

My sister was browsing through her facebook wall, when she saw this video about Gary Chang, an amazing architect in Hong Kong who managed to turn his 344 sq. ft. apartment into 24 different designs which he called "Domestic Transformer." How did he do it? Watch the video and you'll see how he did it:

Pretty amazing huh? Wish I can also invent something like that LOL! Well, that's all I have to share now. Till my next post! See yah! :)

The Sweet Award

I got my third award from a blogger friend, this time it is from ur_gurLNxtdOor - Ruby of Simple Things in Mind I have been blogging for more than a year now and although I am not so good at it, I am making efforts on improving my way of blogging. Since I have been blogging for quite sometime now, I've met many bloggers who are very sweet and friendly.  I would like to share this Sweet award with these people who I think deserves such award. I picked them because of these reasons: I personally love reading their blogs, they are constantly dropping by my site (through comments/dropping EC), new blogger friend and I haven't given them an award yet :) 
Here goes my list :D
Rules for This Award:

  1. Pass it to 10 sweet people
  2. Inform them about this award
  3. LINK BACK the ONE WHO GAVE you the award

Thanks again and Happy Blogging to all! :D Till my next post! See yah! :)

Reconnecting the Family through Facebook

Sorry if I wasn't able to post lately, I have been busy with the group for our Family Clan that I created on Facebook. I just thought of making an exclusive group for our Family (Mother's side) who mostly have facebook account to share photos and events that happened through the years. I also made a Family Tree from a site that I found, it is called Family Echo a very good and free site where you can easily edit and make your Family Tree. You can also add up photos, contact information and additional information about your family members. Others can edit by signing up on their service so if they think there is something wrong with the info, it can be easily edited.

I also edited the video from my Aunt's cremation and thought that I would share it to those who were not able to witness it. Some of my cousins are living abroad now and I thought of sharing it with them. We have quite a bit large family. My Mother has 9 siblings (supposed to be 11 but the 2 died) I miss those times when every year we have family reunions. We even held games for the kids and for adults also. Now that the family are not complete (4 of the 9 siblings died including my Mother) it is a good thing to reconnect to the rest of the family. I am thankful for giving me a great family. Till my next post. See yah!

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