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Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines

Last September 26, 2009, Saturday was the worst experience that the Philippines had. A typhoon named Ondoy set off since Friday night. Heavy rains poured out and hence dams had to release waters that caused so much flood throughout the NCR and CALABARZON area. We were one of the few who are lucky here in the Novaliches Gulod area. But sadly, most of our neighbors were badly devastated by this tragedy. That morning My sister and cousin went to the clinic for the check up of my niece. I was washing our clothes then, I was with my niece and uncle. During the afternoon, my sister texted my uncle that they had nowhere to go because of too much flood. But then they were lucky and went on a shortcut and got home safely. During that time, I was busy washing clothes and helping my niece with her project. My uncle was uneasy and he was going out of our house to check out the flood in our area and was saddened to see that 4 houses apart from ours was flooded until  the 2nd floor of their house and when we checked our window from the back of our house it was like a sea of mud. My sister took pictures of it:

That area was Joan of Ark. We were shocked and was so afraid that we packed our important things and set it to our van just in case the flood would go into our house. We heard a lot of screams, and even witnessed a pile of men who are in their rooftop saving someone. We are afraid ourselves and even crying and praying that the rain would stop.

This was taken in the front of our house. 4 houses away from ours.

Half of our subdivision was merged in sea of flushing mud. Our chapel was wiped out. The bridge beside it was destroyed. Many of our neighbor's houses crashed. Later that afternoon, about 5 pm the rain stopped and the water slowly went down. That night, the water decreased and left a lot of damage to properties and even lives.
The next morning, my Uncle went out to see what happened. He said, there are many trashes in the street, dirty and muddy, he also took videos of the scenario. This was taken with the same window as yesterday:

That mud-like sea yesterday was the pile of houses. All were fixing their houses. And some where asking for help, especially their loved ones who where victimized by the calamity.

All day we tuned in the news, and was shocked to see that so many were stranded, lost their homes and lost their lives. It was very alarming that many of the places that we don't expect to have this would end up like this. In a span of time, this would happen. News said that the amount of rain  that happened during that 9 hours was more likely to be compared to a 1 month of rainfall. Also the government did not warn people that they would be releasing water in the dams. Private and exclusive subdivisions are also victimized, all walks of life were victims of these. Hundreds were killed, thousands were homeless, billions worth of properties were damaged. I am very thankful that we were not part of this and not harmed. I pray that all those who experienced this would be able to get up and be able to rebuild again. Although the lives that were taken can't come back, let's pray for their souls and may they be with God our Father.

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Wise Sayings

I'll share my own version of 8 Beatitudes and some of my favorite wise sayings written in the bible.

8 Rules For Happiness

Blessed are those who study well; they will have a brighter future
Blessed are those who help the needy; they will receive blessings from God
Blessed are those who are hardworking; they will be successful
Blessed are those who love others; they will be loved in return
Blessed are the honest people; they will be rewarded
Blessed are those who are kind; people will love them
Blessed are those who have many friends; they will always stay happy
Blessed are those who always pray; they will become closer to God


Wise Sayings

Call to me when trouble comes;
I will save you,
and you will praise me.

 God is my savior;
I will trust him and not be afraid.
The Lord gives me power and strength.
He is my savior.

The people who walked in darkness
Have seen a great light.
They lived in a land of shadows,
But now light is shining on them.

The man who does not find me hurts himself.
Anyone who hates me loves death.

Choose my instruction instead of silver;
Choose knowledge rather than the finest gold.

Listen to what you are taught.
Be wise; do not neglect it.

When you tell the truth, justice is done,
But lies lead to justice.

Wicked people do not really gain anything,
But if you do what is right,
You are certain to be rewarded.

A good man will receive blessings.
A wicked man's words hide a violent nature.

The more you talk, the more
likely you are to sin,
If you are wise, you will keep quiet.

People who listen when they are
corrected will live,

But those who will not admit
that they are wrong
Are in danger.

If you are good, you are guided by honesty;
If you are not trusted are destroyed
by their own dishonesty.

You can be ruined by the talk
of godless people,
But the wisdom of the righteous
will save you.

The Lord protects honest people,
But destroys who do wrong.

Intelligent people talk sense,
But stupid people need to be punished.

Wealth protects the rich;
Poverty destroys the poor

A man who hides his hatred is a liar.
Anyone who spreads gossip is a fool.

It is foolish to enjoy doing wrong.
Intelligent people take pleasure in wisdom.

A lazy man will never have money,
But an aggressive one will get rich.

Nothing bad happens to righteous people,
But wicked people have nothing but trouble.

A lie has a short life,
But the truth lives on forever.

Those who are evil are in for a rude surprise,
But those who work for good will find happiness.

If your goals are good, you will be respected,
But if you are looking for trouble,
that is what you will get.

Worry will rob you of happiness,
But kind words will cheer you up.

Be generous and you will be prosperous;
Help others and you will be helped.

The Lord hates evil-minded people,
But loves those who do right.

Foolish people don't care if they sin,
But good people want to be forgiven

Stay away from foolish people;
They have nothing to teach you.

When good people pray, the Lord listens,
But he ignores those who are evil.

Hot tempers cause arguments,
But patience bring people.

A lazy person is as bad as
someone who is destructive

Friends always show their love.
What are brothers for if not to share trouble?

It is better to be poor and fear
the Lord to be rich in trouble.

A gentle answer quiets anger,
but cruel words crush your spirit.

People who do not go along with others
are interested only in themselves;
they will disagree with what everyone else knows is right.

If you make fun of poor people,
you insult the God who made them,
You will be punished if you take pleasure
in someone's misfortune.

Listen. Wisdom is calling out.
Reason is making herself heard.

Being lazy will make you poor,
But hard work will make you rich.

The Lord is pleased when men pray,
but hates the sacrifices that wicked man bring him.

It is better - much better
To have wisdom or knowledge
than gold and silver.

We may make our plans,
But God has the last word.

Lazy people should learn a lesson
from the way ants live.
They have no leader, chief or ruler,
but they store up their food during the summer,
getting ready for winter.

If you promise to pay a stranger's debt,
you will regret it,
You are better off if you are not involved.

A hardworking farmer has plenty to eat,
but it is stupid to waste time on useless projects.

A wise son makes his father proud of him;
A foolish one brings his mother grief.

A nation will fall if it has no guidance.
Many advisers mean security.

A gracious lady is respected ,
but a woman without virtue is disgrace.

Anyone who is determined to
do right will live,
But anyone who insists on
doing wrong will die.

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