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Casio G-Shock For Sale

Never been used Casio G-Shock made in Japan for sale. Comes with box and manual (japanese language) but if you request for an English manual, I can print it out for you.
This is what it looks like:

My Yahoo Mail is sending spam

I have registered a free email with yahoo since 2003 and it is my main account. Although I have all other email accounts with different email providers, it happened to be my priority email so it is so important for me. A few days ago as I am regularly checking my main email I found a message on my spam about a failure notice. I was shocked to see that because I did not recently sent a message to any of my contacts. I've read that spam of failure notice and it says that it did not arrived to a particular email address on a few of my contacts. Since my email is old, I have many old email contacts there and I believe that many of them are already deleted or inactive accounts. But still I have new and online contacts who know me personally through the years and has the contact details that are active.

So when I researched about this on google, I was not the only one who experienced it. Many now have experienced sending out spam without them knowing and the bad thing is, there is no step by step solution about it. It is very hard on our part to change an email address that you have used many years. I now tried to change my password but I'm not really sure if that will work. I also do a full scan of my antivirus and antispyware so as to protect my pc from any harm but it doesn't shown any virus at all. Plus I have recently formatted my PC because of the slowness it had recently. That is really odd. Is there a problem with the email providers now?

Fashion World just got even better

I'm still playing fashion world game in Facebook until now. I have quit on all other games except for fashion world and mafia wars because I have been addicted to them and they are both getting better. If you have read my previous post about fashion world, I have described the game and I gave tips on how to increase the popularity.

Now, I'm going to discuss new things about it. Aside from the different decors and themes they are having for almost every week, they have new surprises for the gamers.

Your fashion store can be bigger than before. You can add up to 5 floors, as you add another floor, you may be able to expand it again just like the 1st floor and so on. If you add a floor, you can have a choice whether you want the stairs or the lifts (elevator). I happen to buy 3 lifts from its first release and I bought them using coins. But now you can buy it using facebook credits. With this new feature, you can have bigger and better space for your clothing. I currently have 3 floors but haven't figure out a great design. I will share you what my store looks like: from 1st to 3rd floor
My First Floor
 this is the biggest expansion I had so I put in all sorts of clothing and shoes

My Second Floor
A bit smaller than the first. This is where I put all my sewing machines.
I already have a few racks for some clothes and shoes

Back to EC Dropping

I have been a member of entrecard for a long time and it really helped me gain visitors and gain a lot of blogging friends. But for a while I lost tracked of it and barely drop cards for quite sometime. I visit some blogs who leave comments on my post and on my chatbox but that was it. I also forgot to comment on others as well. But this time, I am back to blogging and dropping as well. I will regain my alexa rank (which went down so much) and visit blogging friends again. I hope that all of those who are frequently coming here would still be here. Since I finished my Niece's site I can focus on this again.

I am planning on redecorating my theme again but for just smaller adjustments only. I am a bit satisfied on its look. Watch out for my new posts. I will post as much as I can. Till my next post! See yah!

Nicole's Site Revealed

At last my Niece's site is finally done. This is a cute site that I made for my favorite Niece Nicole. This site is all about her, her photos and videos. It has a blog and you can leave a message in the chat corner. I designed its header and gave a cute background of her which looks like there are two borders. The colors are girly colors with shades of pink and violet. The text color is a bit dark to match the white background.

However, there are things that needed to be improved like the videos. I haven't categorize it yet. I will be doing it for the next few days of my spare time.

Since this site is new, I am looking for exchange link partners or sponsors for this site. If anyone is interested, you can leave your message on the contact form.

Don't forget to visit the credits section where you can find the list of my blogs and sites. I hope that you can leave comments and suggestions so I can improve the site more. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to subscribe to the Blog's RSS Feed so you won't miss out the updates.

Before I forget, this is the site to visit Nicole Angela Rigby's Site. So till my next post! See yah!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

It was September 6, 1979, when this very sweet couple tied the knot. They are my Dad and my Mom. They were the envy of all because they were inseparable. After a year, my Mom gave birth to my Sister, she managed to still work and take care of her together with her sister. After 3 years, I came in the world, My Mom decided to quit her job so she can take care of us two.

My Dad decided to work abroad by the time I was 2. It was a very hard decision for them because they are far away with each other. It was through snail mail that they communicate. Every year he has a vacation here in the Philippines and during that 1 month long, they make the most out of it because it wasn't long enough before they will be far away again from each other. But even amidst of all these, I remember them still in love with each other. My Dad is still so sweet with my Mom that he treats her like a Queen. I don't remember a time when they had quarrel. Maybe they did but I sure didn't noticed it.

Years has passed when my Mom was diagnosed with a cervical cancer. At first she did not uttered a single word about it with us but my relatives finally said it to us. It was a very sad year for us that my Dad's brother made a phone call and told Mom's situation. Dad immediately came home here and he took care of my Mom in the hospital. Mom didn't liked it at first because she said that he should be working there. Then came the time when the doctors said there was nothing more that they can do. We took her to our house and we all took care of her. During the last night with her we hardly did not sleep because her situation got worst. But my Sister and I went to the school that morning. It was 12 noon that she died, my Dad went outside to buy a medicine and it was my Aunt who noticed her last breath. But still, my Dad went all the way home when my cousin told him about it. It was minutes when he cried and finally said his last goodbye; It was the year 2003, 24 years of great marriage. Years had passed and we still reminisce our dear Mother and My Dad still misses her. Even if he was going abroad every year, we are still waiting for the time he will be here together with us stable in the Philippines and spend our times together as a family.

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