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I'm back with another blog

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for not updating this blog anymore. I've been busy for quite sometime and decided to have another blog. This time, a food blog called My Everyday Cooking by RiA. I hope you can come and visit my newest blog. I promise to make it fun and exciting and also add more delicious recipes so the days and weeks to come. Don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss out any of the dishes I have cooked and prepared. I'm not so sure when I will be posting here again. Maybe soon or maybe a month from now, I'm not really sure. But just stay tuned. See yah!

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Today is my Niece's 3rd birthday. She is my sister's daughter and the kid I am taking care of whenever my Sister is at work. She calls me Ninang because I am also her godmother during her baptism.

We just celebrated her special day in my cousin's house. Then went to Trinoma and then went home. Her Dad bought a cake and we ate it during dinner time.

Her party will be on April 2, which will be a swimming / children's party. I made the invitation card (on the left) for her party. I will make a post for this probably next week. So watch out.

This is just a quick post to greet her on my blog.
Hope you'll continue to be a good, sweet, friendly and independent kid. Please lessen your tantrums and don't argue with me when I am correcting you. :)) Please remember that me, you mom, your dad, lolos, lolas, titas, titos, ates and kuyas are always here to guide and love you.

Till my next post! See yah!

Winners for my first ever giveaway contest

I already posted the ads for the top 3 winners for my first ever giveaway contest 2 days after it has ended. Official post that I have said was supposed to be last March 15 but I wanted to wait for them to receive their prizes first before I say it here. ;)) Here are my top 3 winners:

and 1 month advertisement here in RiA's World
create your own banner at!

and 2 months advertisement here in RiA's World
working at home

and 3 months advertisement from RiA's World
Thank you so much to those who participated and joined my first ever giveaway. A total of 13 bloggers submitted their entries. I can't wait to have another contest soon. :D
Kayce and Mona blogged about their prizes and cristina uploaded a photo of her watch on FB. I'm so happy and touched about it. :) Thanks Sissies! Sorry if I haven't blogged a quite sometime now. I am so busy with my Online Shop so I hardly made a post here. Maybe next week I will post an interesting story. So till my next post! See yah!

Firefox 4 Beta

I'm a Firefox user for many years now. I have tried other browsers but still go back with firefox.
Now they launched the new Firefox 4.0 Beta 12. I've been using this for 3 days now and so far, I'm happy with it. What are the pros and cons that I see with the with this new version? Here are my list:

  • Fast loading of websites
  • Much like chrome, it is sleeker. Which is what I've been waiting for.
  • I haven't seen crashing reports that were very annoying. Especially when uploading files.
  • New features: Sync for Mobile, Group your tabs, Add-On Manager
  • See all other features - go to this link
  • Other add-ons are not yet compatible with this version. But with their add-on manager, you can report and send feedback to add-on compatibility reporter.
  • Still on beta testing.
I bet many of you are using it now. What are your experiences with it? What are the new features that you like most about it? I like the group tabs the most because when I go online I open so many tabs and I have a hard time going back and forth with them. It is very useful for me for the things that I work on. I can organize my online businesses. I can arrange my blogs, ptcs, online store, social networks, website designing, etc.
I rate the firefox 4 beta 4 stars. :D If you still haven't tried it, you can download it now through this link. Till my next post! See yah!

Special Thank you Message

I can't believe that I had so many friends and family who remembered my special day. My facebook was filled with greetings and birthday wishes. I had no time to thank everyone for remembering me on my birthday. Reading all of them makes me so happy.

I made a simple thank you message to all of my friends, relatives, classmates, workmates, online buddies and facebook friends. Here it is, hope you'll like it:

Free website - Powered By

New Yahoo Mail - Beta

I recently got this email from Yahoo Mail saying that there is now a new Yahoo Mail Beta. It stated that it has just got better and faster. So I gave it a try. This past few days / weeks I had a few problems with my mail because it takes a while to load. I guess this is a better way to get rid of that slowness.
I love the top color because it is my favorite color. lol. Although there are some glitches and errors that I am encountering, maybe because it's still new and yeah it is still a beta testing.
One of the things they have said also is that it has even better spam protection. I have too many spam messages everyday and had problem with my yahoo mail sending automatic messages to all my contact list. It can also be accessed via mobile phone with internet connection - not yet for me because my cellphone is just a cheap one. haha. Maybe when I already get an iPhone it would be a benefit for me. ;)
If you still haven't figured it out yet, you can also try it now. Just open the email they have sent then click the Try Yahoo Mail Beta Today and accept their terms. Till my next post! See yah!

Be fashionable everywhere

Sorry If I haven't posted this past few days because I am so busy with my online business. Speaking of my business, I really want to open up my own business since I was a kid but I want a restaurant / food business that's why I took up BSHRM as my course. But then I was also passionate about being fashionable. I am not into too expensive clothes but rather a trendy one. Everywhere we go and we do, we should look presentable and good.
Even in different places like hospitals, they wear uniform such as nursing scrubs and scrubs tops. One can be distinguish by the clothes that he/she wears. When it comes to these things nowadays, there are so many online stores that you can shop. Considering the busy work schedules and overcrowded shopping malls, you don't have to go there. Buying online is the easiest thing nowadays but make sure that so choose the sites you will buy from. Till my next post! See yah!

RiA's World - First Ever Giveaway Contest

As I have said on my previous post, I am having my first giveaway contest. Since this month is my 2nd Blog Anniversary (month of my very first post) and my 28th Birthday on Feb. 26, this is my chance to launch my very first Giveaway Contest! This is also open to international bloggers so everyone are welcome to join.

Here are the mechanics of this Contest:
You have to earn points in order to win. The one with the highest points will be declared as the winner. If many have the same number of points, the one who submitted first among the highest pointers will be the winner. Here are ways on how to gather points.
  1. Blog about this contest (20 points)
  2. Subscribe to my RSS - should verify your email (15 points)
  3. Share this contest on Facebook - for profile wall that is set to public (10 points)
  4. Like RiA's World on Facebook (10 points)
  5. Like RiA's Fashion Shop on Facebook (10 points)
  6. Like RiA's Fashion Shop App on Facebook (10 points)
  7. Follow me on Twitter (10 points)
  8. Plurk about this contest (5 points)
  9. Followed via Google Connect - located at the right sidebar {followers} don't do this if you have done it before (5 points)
  10. Followed via Networked Blogs - located at the sidebar - don't do this if you have done it before (5 points)
  11. Share this contest via Twitter (2 points per tweet - you can tweet twice a day)
  12. Liked Hearts & Arrows on Facebook (5 points)
When you are done doing these, Fill up this FORM. It is important that you check the URL and email that you will submit. So I won't be having a hard time checking them. Entries will be checked one by one so please be honest. Comment on this post when you have submitted your form.

These are the prizes that you can win:

This will end on February 28, 2011 at 11:59pm Philippine Time. Don't forget to grab a badge of my first giveaway (located at the uppermost sidebar) to be posted on your sidebar during the duration of my contest. I will announce the winners on the 2nd week of March.

Goodluck to all! Start joining now!

2nd Blogversary and Birthday Month

Hi everyone! Sorry again for not updating my blog. I was busy with my online business that I looked past my 2nd blogversary that was supposed to be last month urggh! But since this month and exactly the day of my first post, and on the 26th of this month is my Birthday, I will be making a contest / giveaway. I will post this probably tomorrow or Sunday. This will be my very first time to put up a giveaway so this will be exciting! :) I will be giving away products from my Fashion Shop. Get ready in just a short time to join. Till my next exciting post! See yah!

RiA's Fashion Shop

Hello and good day to everyone! I am very sorry that I haven't updated this blog for such a long time now. It's because I'm so busy with my newest fashion shop site which is called Ria's Fashion Shop

If you have read my previous post about my new business in Facebook I decided to make a separate website for it and a separate page on facebook. I am currently making an ecommerce site for it and I am still keeping updates and changes for the site and the fan page. Also, soon you can shop directly on my facebook fan page. Just watch out for it in the coming days.

I have pre-order and on-hand items, local and imported from China, Hongkong and Korea. My products as of now are: Shoes, Bags and Clothes (tops, bottoms, dresses, overall). I also have 2 ongoing promos and you can get big discounts if you purchase bulk items. 

Get this cute ring for free
These are the promos I'm talking about:
Mechanics of this promo:
Buy at least 3 or more products in the same category (Pre-Order Items / On-hand Items) and get this cute ring for free.
This is for a limited time so hurry and start ordering now. Only the first 10 people who order gets it.
No minimum amount of items. Just the quantity of items.
If you are ready to join, then fill up this order form for this promo.

If the on-hand items have a few items left, you can mix a pre-order item with it.

Starting from today, until the end of March 2011, when you order at least 5 items in our pre-order items, you can get an item absolutely for free. The free item will be randomly chosen. It can be an accessory, bag, blouse, belt or pants. The higher amount you purchase, the greater your free item will be! You can match it with the clothes you bought or give it to your loved one. Hurry! Limited time only! ORDER NOW!

Get free random item like any of this for free

Watch out for upcoming promos and products, for the meantime, you can like my fan page on facebook and see my updates and products.

Ria's Fashion Shop

Promote Your Page Too

Or simply subscribe to my News to be updated. If you have any questions and inquiries, you can contact me HERE.

Thanks and Till my next post again! See yah!

My New Business

I seldom update and bloghop these past few weeks because of my new business. I recently had bazaar in our place. I have local and affordable clothes here but wondered if I go on importing goods. I decided to look for suppliers and now I have posted Pre-Order Items on my facebook. Why pre-order? because if I order and stock them here in our house, there is no assurance that I can sell them all. Aside from that, I am selling shoes and we differ in sizes and types of shoes we want. However, orders arrive usually 1 to 2 weeks or depending on the availability of the items. I will post and make a cut-off date then order them on the cut-off date. I will ship them items to the customers as soon as it arrives in Manila. I can give discounts for those who will order 3 or more items.
These are some of the shoes I am offering:

If you want to see more of it, feel free to visit THIS LINK. I will update this blog soon. I want to share many things that happened to me these past few weeks. Till my next post! See yah!

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