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As we all know Facebook is getting popular nowadays. Now just because of social networking site but because of the games / applications that they have. You can play with your facebook friends and thus, It's pretty cute and different from other social networking sites. Here are some of my favorite games / applications in facebook so far.

Rock Legends
A great game in facebook wherein you are in a rock band. You can choose whether you are a guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer or keyboardist. You can hire your band members by choosing one of your friends or from worldwide. When you recruited a band member. They can choose to lock the contract with you or just let the contract open. When the contract is open, other members can recruit them. They will just have to buy the contract price of that person.
Different instrument have different effects. The higher your level, the stronger skill you will get. The objective of the game is to earn fame and also cash so you can buy items you need. You can earn fame and cash by playing gigs that require some energy and other requirements. Each instrument have levels and starpower. If you have lower level, the effect of higher level of instrument has reduced effectiveness once you reached that certain level. So my advice is to buy instrument that is your level also. You can equip the ones you bought when you reached that level. You can also give instruments to your band members. Once you give items to them, they will have higher contract price. Once you know the game and fully equip yourself and your band. You can battle other bands for a greater chance of fame, cash and higher rank in the location you are in.
There is also what you call groupies. Wherein you can invite your friends to be your groupie for additional 10 points during the start of a fight. You can add my link for groupie here
This is the screenshot of my character:

You can change and equip clothes and accessories for your character. You can buy items in the buy gear option or to the marketplace. Wherein you can buy and sell items. There are items that you can acquire when playing a gig. So for example you are a guitarist and you got a drum set, then you can sell it to the marketplace to earn more cash or equip it to your band member.

Farm Town
Another farm game. Pretty much similar to farm town wherein you are a farmer, you plant seeds and trees and harvest them. The difference is you can chat with your friend in their farm. Also the animals do not produce something unlike in farm ville. You can go to the marketplace and then have apply for a job (although I haven't tried it yet) haha.
This is the screenshot of my farm:
My farm as of now, It's too simple. Few items for decorations coz I'm still saving money :)

Roller Coaster Kingdom
Just started this game for a few days, In this game, you are managing a theme park. You will build rides, food stands, drink stands and game stands. Earn money and make customers happy. Upgrades are also an option for higher income and customer satisfaction. As you build a ride/stands you should hire an employee. You choose from the list of your friends your employee. You should feed or make them rest. If you changed your mind about hiring him/her you can fire the employee and choose another one. Feeding the employees takes about 3 hours before they get very hungry. If they don't have energy, they cannot perform their task so your theme park is somehow closed because it has no income and the happiness of the customers get lowered.
This is the screenshot of my theme park:

This is my theme park as of now. It is not quite good yet because I'm new to this. I'm just in level 10. Lots of upgrades and items are still locked.

Add my facebook account :
I'll add more of the games I play soon. :)

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