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I'd like to share some of the poems that I wrote when I was 2nd high school.
I'm not good at this kind of stuff so here goes:

I Remember
I remember the times when we are together
The way you take care of me
The times when we are always happy
Our laughter we enjoyed together
I remember the things you did

The things that helped me
Whenever I have problems
I remember the memories
That make me wonder
If you are a true friend to me
Who will never get me down
I remember

I wish
How I wish you were still with me
To love and care for me
Sharing with me happy moments, triumphs and victory

You are always there to lend your ears
With all my problems
But the person I used to hold
Changed and is now different and very cold

The usual honest personal whom I can trust flew away
I wish you will not do the things
That will hurt both of us
And here I am lonely, confused and alone
I wish we won't be apart.

It's time to go
It's hurting me to see you go
Things that had been too tough for us
Why is this happening?

We've never fight like this before
It's time to go
Tears dwell up in my eyes
It's been falling endlessly

I don't know if it'll survive
Time will come and you'll find someone new
Who'll love you like I do
Who'll care more that I have done
Who'll be with you
Till the end of time
Maybe we're not really meant to be
That's why we have to separate ways
But then I want you to know
That I'll always care...
Not as a lover but as a

It's you
When I need somebody's help
You are ready to lend a helping hand
When I am in trouble
You are always there to help

When I experienced sufferings,
It's you I blame
But then I realized that it's my fault after all

Deep inside I feel ashamed
Because of the things that I did to you
Despite of the problems,
You helped me go through

I would like to apologize to you and thank you
For the love and concern you've shown me
And which I feel is true
I now found a genuine friend
For someone who's willing to be with me till the end
I have found you
And it's you who make my heart go on

Farewell to you my friend
Care for someone
As I pass away
And say goodbye
Smiles of the past
Well, my days passed

Here I am
Take me as I am
As I say goodbye
Fruit of my love

As white as a dove
Say hello, my sweet friend
See you till we meet again
As I say goodbye to you my friend

Hello means a lot of things
It's difficult for me to put words how I feel
So "hello" is all I can say

When I say hello
I mean I love you
But! I'm not sure if it was for you

If you say hello
Do you mean you love me?
I hope you do

For I'm not sure of "you"
Well, at least I did
And I still love thee.

I Still Love You
You left my heart
And left me all alone
And never returned
Yet you never cared
I didn't know why
You've said goodbye

I didn't know
You've changed somehow
My heart keeps asking
That one day you will come
And ease all the pain
You've given me.
You know how much I care

You know that
My love for you will never change
Even if you are hurting me
I still love you...
I swear


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