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How to make a flash menu

Want to have a flash menu on your blog / site but don't have the skills to make flash from scratch just like me? Since many of us want to have nice looking site, it is good to use wix I already posted how to use and embed wix before to an overlay profile. Since many of us don't use friendster anymore, I decided to use it to make my own menu. you can see it right below my header logo. I'll teach you step by step on how I did it. I'll make a new sample set of menu for you to understand it.
Lets start... First sign up for an account on wix, fill up the necessary information. After you've signed up. Login your account. Click create. You can see lists of premade and blank backgrounds just scroll down and find the header 800 x 250. That is the closest size you will be using for creating a menu. This is what it looks like:
Click to Enlarge the image
When you click the header, another window will open. make sure that you allow pop up for wix. This is what the blank page looks like:
Click to Enlarge the image

You can see the navigational menu on top and the different menu for flash at the left side. Just point your mouse over to the Page Parts you can see that it will expand for more choices. Choose buttons. It should look like this:
Click to Enlarge the image
After you click the buttons, a list of premade buttons will come up. You can choose whatever you like. You can try the effects on each and then choose what fits your taste. They have 3 pages of premades there so you have lots of choices. Below is what it looks like. Choose what buttons you like and then click it.
Click to Enlarge the image
Then select the button that you chose then click edit. See the figure below:
Click to Enlarge the image

Then edit the My Button word to your menu. For example Home then select again the button then choose behavior. You will need to turn your button to go to the url of the word Home on your menu. Below is the screenshot of what I'm explaining:
Click to Enlarge the image
 When you click the behavior, another set of choices will come up. Click go to url. Below is the screenshot:
 Click to Enlarge the image
When you click go to url you will see this:
Click to Enlarge the image
After you paste the url of the button/menu and chose new page and clicked apply. You are finished with your button. Repeat the procedure to other buttons as well. ex. posts, comments, personal, contact, etc. I've made a sample for a menu:
Click to Enlarge the image
If you have short menu like what I did, I only have 5 buttons, I'll adjust my settings. To do this, I will click on top. The File then Settings:
The setting looks like this. You have the option to change the size of your page to your liking. I adjusted mine to 100. I unchecked the keep aspect ratio because if this is checked the width will also change. You can also change your background color. When you are finished, click apply.
Then when you are done. You need to get the code. In order to do this, click File then Publish.
Then choose embed then copy embed code then next - finish.

Paste the code to a notepad. Go to page elements Add a Gadget just below your header then choose html/javascript paste this code then save. You can adjust the width or the height according to your layout. If the have some errors on the menu, just open your wix account and edit it there. Just save your work. :)


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