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My 27th birthday celebration!

Today is my 27th birthday even though my eyes still hurt, because I had a sore eye on my left eye :(( I celebrated it happily with my family :). We had lunch at Kimono Ken at "The Block" in Sm North Edsa. I have a craving with Japanese food yum yum :D then we strolled a bit at the mall. We couldn't stay longer because we are opted to be at the house before 3pm because of the color coding of our van haha. But nevertheless, I had fun because I was with my family and my 2 cousins. I'm not really the type of person who would go big time and invite many friends on my birthday and maybe because of my condition (my sore eyes) that I had to celebrate it with my family. When I got back home, I checked my facebook and wow! I got tons of greetings on my wall. I can't believe that all of them at least remembered and greeted me. I was so happy and delighted that I have tons of friends and family who loves me! Come dinner time my Dad cooked carbonara and we had barbecue on the side.
I wish that me and my loved ones would received more blessings and all my family and friends are going to be ok. Thank you for those who are part of my life. My life would be nothing without all of you.


Movies, movies and movies! said...

Rhea Happy Birthday sayo ha. God Bless you...thank you for being so accomodating in helping me. Thank You! Di kita kakalimutan : )

RiA GeSiLvA said...

thank you! :) not a problem. God bless din :)

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