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My Niece's 2nd birthday celebration

Yesterday, my sister's daughter Nicole celebrated her 2nd birthday. Because my dad and his father were not here (both working abroad) we decided to celebrate her birthday with a fun day for her. We went to Old spaghetti house for lunch, we had mozzarella sticks, pasta, pizza and a desert. Then we headed on to Fun Ranch. When we went there, there were a few people and other rides are not yet opened. We toured the whole place for a while and found an express train. Nicole and her Mom went to a ride around the area. This is a picture of her in the train.
During our tour around the area, there is a bridge that she loves to walk on. She keeps coming back for a couple of times. We were a bit dizzy while walking in the bridge but she loves it. haha. Here is a few pictures of her in the bridge.

The other rides there is a bit for larger kids so we went to Active Fun wherein they have big slides and interactive center for kids. They can play and learn at the same time. She was with her Mom and they enjoyed it so much! Her time was for an hour but she wants to stay longer so we had to make her calm and stop her from crying. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

After that we went to Ark Avilon Zoo. It is just beside Fun Ranch and we still want to let Nicole explore the place and let her look at animals.
At the entrance, there are displays of animals already when we got inside it is much more fun. There are lots of animals and some of them are just hanging out with people. Like the orangutan named Colleen she was so cute and we got to take pictures with her.

More pictures of the animals on the next slideshow:

Then we ate merienda in McDo before we went home and bought a small cake for her to blow during dinner at the house.
She had so much fun during her birthday I think we are right that we celebrate it that way because if it is a party there will be seldom kids that would attend and she would not enjoy it very much because she is still small. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE! I love you! From your Ninang RiA. :)


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