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How to stay cool on a warm weather

As we all know, mother earth is getting angry and so we experience global warming especially in the Philippines. Here are some of the tips that I would like to share with you to keep you oh so cool during this hot summer days:
  • Always drink water
 Water is very important in our body as it consists 70% of it. Getting at least 8 glasses is recommended, however, during these hot summer we can take more than what is needed. Plus, getting a water in a freezer makes it a lot more easy to freshen ourselves from the warm breeze. I happen to do it during this past few weeks. I always leave a bottle of water in the freezer and drink it from time to time. It surely takes away the heat from my body. I know it is not always good to those who have voice/throat problems but it is my way to fight away the heat. :) When you are away from your home, don't forget to take a bottle of water with you.
  • Go to the beach / swimming pool
Since it is summer and it is vacation time, going to beach is what we enjoy the most especially with this kind of whether. But be careful on going to the heat of the sun during 10am to 4pm. It is likely the time of the day where you have a tendency to get sun burn. If you are a beach / pool crazy don't forget to bring your sunscreen lotions with you as you will definitely need it or have yourself a super tan skin. lol.

  • Bring your umbrella with you
When you are going out of your house, be sure to bring your trustful umbrella with you. You will need it to protect yourself from the sun. Buy an umbrella that can be folded so you can tuck it in to your bag so it wouldn't bother you about carrying it at all.

  • Bring a fan with you
Bring it when you go out. The weather nowadays is so extremely hot and we need a thing that would keep us cooler. If you are not in a room with no electric fan or aircon at all, it is a remedy for it.

  • Take a bath from time to time
If you are in the comfort of your home, then it is very refreshing way to lessen the heat. Take a bath at least twice or thrice a day and you'll surely have a nice feeling about it.

  • Get your summer clothes on the go
It is time to wear clothes that are flowy, light colored, sleeveless shirt or shorts. Avoid wearing jackets, long sleeves or dark colored shirts because it will only add heat to your body. Be as creative as you can look and this is the time that you can wear your sexy outfits hahaha.

Well, that's all the tips I can share right now. If you want to add more of your tips for this summer, feel free to comment here and let us share our ideas.


nadine said...

Thanks for the tips ate x) It's super hot this summer ;(

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