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Election 2010

I exercised my right to vote today. I woke up late this morning and decided to vote during lunch time, which I did the last time. But my uncle said I should vote earlier because of the merging of precincts that's why I went there around 10:30. I have already my precinct number and I immediately went to look at what room it should be. I looked at the list of the names and found my name. I then went to the election officer on the door to ask what to do. She gave me a piece of paper that I would have to fill up a few details including my precinct number and my number on the master list and then I would have to fall in line. I did what she said I listed up the paper and then I looked for the line for that precinct number. OMG! I walked and walked to look for the line and it was so long. I thought I saw the end of the line and waited for a few mins. when I realized that it was not the end of the line. The people who are distant to me said it was ok but I never meant to do it lol. It was like everyone wanted to be on the top of the line and many are very angry because of the long lines.
After 4 hours of waiting with no lunch I finally casted my vote! It was the first time that the Philippines had an automated election that is why it is like this but I believe that on the next election it would be better.
I voted for Gordon for president because I believe he has the capability of running the country and Binay for my vice President because he also has shown a lot of work in his territory. For other positions I just picked who I recognized and think that they have done something from the past. I just hope that all will be well and just and whoever wins will give good governance in our suffering country. :)


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