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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

It was September 6, 1979, when this very sweet couple tied the knot. They are my Dad and my Mom. They were the envy of all because they were inseparable. After a year, my Mom gave birth to my Sister, she managed to still work and take care of her together with her sister. After 3 years, I came in the world, My Mom decided to quit her job so she can take care of us two.

My Dad decided to work abroad by the time I was 2. It was a very hard decision for them because they are far away with each other. It was through snail mail that they communicate. Every year he has a vacation here in the Philippines and during that 1 month long, they make the most out of it because it wasn't long enough before they will be far away again from each other. But even amidst of all these, I remember them still in love with each other. My Dad is still so sweet with my Mom that he treats her like a Queen. I don't remember a time when they had quarrel. Maybe they did but I sure didn't noticed it.

Years has passed when my Mom was diagnosed with a cervical cancer. At first she did not uttered a single word about it with us but my relatives finally said it to us. It was a very sad year for us that my Dad's brother made a phone call and told Mom's situation. Dad immediately came home here and he took care of my Mom in the hospital. Mom didn't liked it at first because she said that he should be working there. Then came the time when the doctors said there was nothing more that they can do. We took her to our house and we all took care of her. During the last night with her we hardly did not sleep because her situation got worst. But my Sister and I went to the school that morning. It was 12 noon that she died, my Dad went outside to buy a medicine and it was my Aunt who noticed her last breath. But still, my Dad went all the way home when my cousin told him about it. It was minutes when he cried and finally said his last goodbye; It was the year 2003, 24 years of great marriage. Years had passed and we still reminisce our dear Mother and My Dad still misses her. Even if he was going abroad every year, we are still waiting for the time he will be here together with us stable in the Philippines and spend our times together as a family.


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