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Got my GCash Card!

This morning I finally got my Globe GCASH Card! I'm very excited about getting this because I was the one who designed my own card! Yes you can create your own card design if you are a photoshop addict like me. haha. If not, you can choose from their default designs which are also great and cute.

If you also want to apply, here is what you have to do: *Your GCASH should have at least P100 (processing fee of your card)
  • Go to the GCASH Cash Application Form website of Globe.
  • Upload your own personalized background or choose from their default designs.
  • Fill up the personal details and upload your 1x1 I.D. picture.
  • Once you have checked and filled up the necessary information needed, click Get your GCASH Card. Wait for a few minutes and you will get a reference number.
That's it! All you have to do is wait for at least 2 weeks. I got mine for about 3 weeks I think because of the Holidays. But it's worth the wait. The design is not so perfect because I chose a dark one the color went purple instead of Dark Blue. But it looks good though for an ATM. So till my next post! See yah!


Chris A. said...

I have always been curious on using such cards, well as you can see I don't have any smart Money and GCash cards.

What do you use them for, if you don't mind me asking?

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hi Chris! You can send and receive cash using GCASH through your mobile phone. If ever you want the money in your hand, you can encash it through their outlets. Since they launch this ATM now, you can use the ATM machine instead of going to gcash outlets.

chicafabulosa said...

Sis where can I use this Gcash?

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hi Sis! You can use them when buying in online shops. It is much easier, Just load your wallet and transfer the amount of money to the seller. You can also pay bills and cellphone load. :D

Yette Cruz said...

It can only be used in eBay for local online retailers right? I was thinking of getting one for my oDesk job but they have no option for receiving payments from Paypal as of yet. But I was planning to apply for my own account. Tinatamad lang talaga ako, Lol :D

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hi Yette! It can be used not only in eBay local retailers. Most of the online shops here used gcash as a mode of payment.

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Laarni said...

Great! I got mine last week! YEY!

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