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Christmas is in the air

Tomorrow will be December 1 and during this time of the year we will soon be celebrating Christmas day. Here in the Philippines, Christmas starts during the ber month but not all of us don't decorate that too early.
Yesterday, my churchmates and I celebrated our Christmas party. Why is it so early? Because we will all be busy in the following days especially during the "Simbang Gabi." We were supposed to be celebrating our party in Tagaytay but our van went crazy and started to have problems last Sunday. So we had to cancel the travel.
So we celebrated it in the house of our fellow member. We were assigned with different foods and drinks. We had a great lunch!
All were happy and chitchatting. We also had our exchange gifts.

During our snack we had ice cream
 Then we went to another house of one of our member. We went there to have a videoke. We had a great time too, we sang, danced and had red wine :))
I think it was a blessing that we did not went to Tagaytay after all. My cousin said that the rainfall was hard during that day. We will not have much fun as we did here so it is good. But we will visit and plan again our trip to Tagaytay.
Next week, we will have another Christmas party but with a bigger group. This time all other areas in our main church will be there. I will post it here soon. Till my next post! See yah!


Yette Cruz said...

God I miss Christmas parties ;(
Well, we do have one here in our neighborhood but it's a lot more fun when you're with your close friends & the ones you're more acquainted to...

w0rkingAth0mE said...

early christmas party, i'm sure you had great bonding moment with family ..

Anonymous said...

A Christmas party!!! I so love Christmas parties!!!

Looks like you had fun.. Andami namang food. And ice cream! hehehe.. And next week, meron ulit? Wow.. =)

Merry Christmas po! ;)

carinamodella said...

you have a wonderful family there...:)

RiA GeSiLvA said...

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your comments. Yeah we had so much fun. They are like my family but they are my churchmates and neighbors. :D

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